07 April 2009

Half OCD

Well, the packers came and they conquered. They conquered everything except that which they are not allowed to conquer, namely corrosives, flammable liquids and gases, oils, opened foodstuffs, machines with petrol inside like the mower and edge trimmer, batteries, and probably a whole lot of other things that I can only categorise as "miscellaneous."

So now I have many boxes of things to take to Toowoomba myself. And the things in the boxes have NO BUSINESS being together in the same box.

This is why my cooking spray is with my deodorant is with the degreaser.

Thank goodness I'm only HALF OCD. I think I'll be okay until it's all unpacked.


GreenJello said...

Those are the worst boxes! You never quite know exactly how to unpack them... you just pick out an item, and wander around for awhile deciding where to put it.

Good luck with your move!

Sassy Britches said...

Ah, but don't the cooking spray and the degreaser do sort of simliar things? And now they'll smell like flowers! :)

Femina said...

When my friend moved the packers very efficiently packed her handbag. She had to get people to ring her mobile while she pressed her ear against the boxes trying to work out which one was ringing!

Heather said...

I just have to say that I am SO jealous of your packers-n-movers (whoops, I meant removalists!).

Hubby made a few calls today to obtain quotes for our upcoming move, and much to our dismay, we learned that to move with the professionals will likely cost more than DOUBLE the happy, reasonable amount we'd sort of conjured out of thin air and plugged into our budget spreadsheet.

Now we're hoping to hire a few strong-armed and strong-backed, strapping young college boys from church for a much more reasonable $20 an hour (and pizza!) to get them to load and unload our stuff from a U-Haul. :P

So. Not. Happy.

Crazy Sister said...

I actually didn't know that you could hire people to pack your stuff until you told me. How amazing! I found the hardest thing about packing to move was keeping some level of childproofing going. Sounds like the stuff you've been left with is the stuff you have to keep out of reach of children. I know an ambulance guy whose kid managed to drink bleach while they were moving because there are no "high places" to store things in a car!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I like things that are the same in the one box. That last box WOULD be freaking me out.

When I've moved my wonderful Mum has come to help me. She is a "I have a space *this* big left in a box, what will fit in that sized space?" packer. I am a "Why don't they make all the ancient history books the same size so that they would fit in the same box?" packer.

On reaching one destination and deciding to water my plants I started to fill my watering can, only to find it stuffed with my velcro hair curlers. Mum definitely packed THAT box!!

Happy moving!