29 April 2009

Slightly Concerned

I used to check my Statcounter regularly. I always found the Google searches that brought people to my blog were interesting, even if the stats weren't.

I haven't checked it for months until tonight. Now I am disturbed.

I'd settled into a comfortable state of believing that my only readers were those of you who comment, and you're all pretty lovely people.

The google search terms that have brought people to my blog recently, however, have me quite concerned.

Why would a person be googling:

  • "devil's orchard furry"
  • "playdough killing games"
  • "sweet and sour afv"
  • "free really funny pics of fat ladies with skinny ladies at the beach"
  • "wake up each morning my first thought you. when i'm with you my heart races excitement happiness, i never want to leave you it hurts me when i have to. i smile so s..."
And how TWISTED is Google to send them here? Although the "funny pics" of fat ladies with skinny ladies at the beach could be me and Crazy Sister.


Femina said...

Thanks to writing one post about St Kilda - that's one post in about 320 - I get loads of people landing on my blog wondering where the prostitutes hang out in St Kilda. It must be horribly disappointing to land on my blog and see pictures of my kitten and a new handbag.

Heather said...

Oooh, that reminds me that I haven't checked either of my stat counters recently. Betcha I've got some good (as in pervy, weird and *wrong*) Google search keyword/phrases in there. I've said the words "naked" and "boobs" and "locker room" on my blog in the past, you see, and those bring out ALL the freaks.

Poor creeps must be highly disappointed when they actually arrive at my blog. Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaa.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Now I want to Google odd combinations of words that I know you've used. Just to upset your statcounter. Does that make me a freak?

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I don't even know what a stat-counter is, much less how to check it! :-)

Joy said...

Those are some bizarre searches. I just signed on to a stat-counter. Allison in Germany just explained to me how to do that.
I'll be curious to check it in the future and see what shows up.


Jen said...

that is pretty weird. I wonder what those people were really looking for, especially with that last search.

Swift Jan said...

interesting!!! Somewhat disturbing, but mostly interesting LOL

Sassy Britches said...

I am so jealous of your cool searches. Nothing fun ever leads people to my place...I totally wish I could be more eclectic!

Oh, wait. I get a lot of hits from my picture of Bambi.


Nanc Twop said...

Playdoh kill!ng games?

... Mr. Bill, is that you?

Crazy Sister said...

Oh, come on - last time we were at the beach together would have been a Scripture Union beach mission, and you were way skinnier than I was. I lost my wallet and you bought me some little wrap skirts with turtle prints on them.

Whiney Momma said...

Yikes, this reminds me I need to check mine. Playdough killing games...now that is creeping me out!