09 March 2009

Gifts from Seattle

Earlier this year, I received a box of presents from my great bloggy buddy, Mrs Tantrum in Seattle. Well, her blog says "Seattle-ish" which I guess means I am "Brisbane-ish."

Mrs Tantrum had sent cool things to my Crazy Sister as well, following my sister sending cool things to Mrs Tantrum. And somehow, in this exchange, I received cool things as well and am yet to send cool things back, making me the Weakest Link.

I have been meaning to blog about these cool things FOR EVER but haven't done so yet because I don't have any camera except for my poxy phone camera which takes dodgy pictures inside and in low-light. But enough waiting is enough, and I post poxy photos of cool gifts right here today.

Do you remember Parasite Pals? In Mrs Tantrum's own words: "These fun accessories feature a fun little line of life's more annoying creatures, in easy to use daily items. The creatures featured are: Dig Dig the head louse, Blinky the eyelash mite, Zzeezz the BED BUG, Tickles the tapeworm and Heidi the adorable host." Well, what gift from Seattle would be complete without a Parasite Pals Address and Memo Book, a Tickles the Tapeworm Pencil Case, and (most horrific of all) a Zzezz the Bed Bug torch-keychain.

Now I have to post a few more poxy photos so you get the full humour of some of these objects:

Wow that's a bad picture. It was the best I could do on a phone whose claim to fame is the Bang & Olufsen audio hardware, not the camera. That's a torch-keychain with Zzezz the bed bug proudly proclaiming "While you are sleeping, I am biting." Which is sorta cute until you've experienced this and know that the real truth is "While you are lying awake scratching til you bleed, I am biting repeatedly and sucking your blood and so are my million friends-and-relations." I guess that text didn't all fit on the keychain.

My highschool French teacher told me that the best translators and interpreters prefer to translate and interpret into their mother tongue, not from it into their acquired language. I don't know if that's true, but I think it's good advice for the poor schmuck who provided the "English" for this pencil case.

"Good Day. Tapeworm of the tickles. The stomach living within is for fun. Likes much the good food. Great friends we are to the extremity. Love me Tapeworm."

Yeah right. Do you think "Great friends are we to the extremity" means ... you know ... the extremity?

Now check this out. I bet you'll all want one:

How cool is that? Oh, what, you couldn't tell what it was because Bang & Olufsen left no room for more than 64 pixels? Pardon me, my mistake. It's a mug. The biggest coffee mug I've ever owned, with a pic of the Space Needle on the front and cool stats about Seattle (or Seattle-ish) on the back.

I love it. Love it love it love it.

And now for my most favourite Cool Seattle-ish Thing of all. I asked my good friend (for whom I am yet to come up with a cool blog-name) to help with the picture for this one, because it deserves a nice picture.

My very own Momma's Tantrum Apron!

I've been working up to ordering one myself, and here is one for absolute-free, for little old me! I am so over the moon! Look at it! How cool are the colours, th prints and the design! At the moment, it usually goes around my ribcage because the baby bump is getting wet as I stand at the sink. That looks weird, but it works for me.

Thankyou Mrs Tantrum! I've loved it all! And I'm trying to get something cool from here "Brisbane-ish" to send to you!! Don't hold your breath, we're packing and moving, but it will come, I promise!


Givinya De Elba said...

Did I forget anything? Things have been crazy here and I'd be mortified if you sent something else and I forgot about it.

OH WAIT!!! I DID FORGET SOMETHING! I will have to add it.

Hold the phone.

Swift Jan said...

Oh how fabulous!!! I love the apron too!! Fun parcels are great to recieve!!! :D

Crazy Sister said...

Mrs Tantrum sent me a very life-like toy mouse, and I'm considering leaving it in the organ keyboard console after I play at this wedding, as my way of saying "thankyou" to the regular organist who volunteered me for the scary duty.

Joy said...

Now I'm starting to itch.

Love the apron. The colors are great.


CynthiaK said...

That is so much fun! Oh, I just love that apron. How can I get one? Can you order them online? I need to find a good bloggy friend from Seattle-ish so I can do an exchange and maybe score one, too!

You are looking great, by the way, wee baby bump and all!

Sassy Britches said...

Poxy? This is a new one! I'm kinda enjoying it!

Parasite Pals...have never heard of thme, but that is sooooooo nasty! :)

You are the most adorable woman in the world with your apron and Thingamababy peeking over the top and your other two little ones looking all charming! SPONTANEOUS HUGS TO YOU!

Dee from Downunder said...

I love "translations" - makes it sound scary!

Great gifts.

Jen said...

that is really cool! I love the photo of you and the kids!

Hairline Fracture said...

What in the WORLD will some manufacturers think of next? Unbelievable (and funny!)

The apron is adorable and the mug is great. I wish I could remember to wear the adorable apron my brother (actually his fiancee) got me for Christmas.

Tracy P. said...

Parasite Pals...now why didn't I think of that?! Glad you got a fun package too! Nothing like the squeak of a truck's breaks followed by the doorbell. (Of course that's according to the mother of children who no longer nap.)

tinsenpup said...

That is a seriously nice apron. I thought it was a skirt. And aw... you got a weenie little baby bump!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

I cannot believe that you forgot the thing in the CAN. The thing that the kind people that I called at the customs office assured me was most assuredly not BANNED. Unless of course they found it and stole it and gobbled it up themselves. I love that pic of you three! The apron is simply marvelous! And no worries on getting a package back here...because seriously you have your hands a little full right now!