12 March 2009

A surprising idea, but it makes sense

I had a Thingamababy Appointment at the doctor's today. Everything is good, normal, good, good, normal, everything seems fine ... except the baby is small.


About 2-Weeks Tiny, in fact.

And in the light of everything else being normal, good and fine, my doctor decided to "take the scan date" which means instead of the due date being 1st August, it is now 13th August.

I wasn't sure at first, because my babies are normally small and early. But it occurred to me that if I keep the current date, the rest of my pregnancy will be filled with "Your baby is small, we'll send you off for a growth scan" and *sigh* I've been there before.

Everything is always normal, the baby is always born early and small, and everyone is happy.

(Except the baby who cries like an Angry Thing for the next year ... few years ... actually, I'm not sure when they stop.)

So here's the thing. The official due date is now changed, and will be about a fortnight later than it was.

Then another few things occurred to me.

This may explain the small and mystifying bleed at 13 days.

This may explain why the pregnancy test didn't go positive until 6 weeks, instead of the 4 weeks I'm used to.

This may explain why I didn't get nauseous until 8 weeks, instead of the 6 weeks I'm used to.

This may explain why I didn't stop being nauseous until 14 weeks, unlike the 12 weeks I'm used to.

This may explain why I didn't feel the baby until 19* weeks, unlike the 16 weeks I'm used to.


Well there you go.


* - apparently Thingamababy tacked on an extra week due to the extra - um, adipose tissue - that he/she has to kick through.


Givinya De Elba said...

That picture makes it look like I'm going to give birth to a mermaid. I promise, I have pictures of two little feet too.

I also believe that this baby will not be born with the numeral '1' on his/her eye.

Jen said...

well that does explain a lot. what you don't think a mermaid baby would be fun? no need for swimming lessons. ;)

I kid, I am glad that all is well.

Femina said...

Of course you wouldn't give birth to a mermaid, because once they're no longer in water they grow legs... at least according to that movie with Darrell Hannah and Tom Hanks. Her tail might grow back in the bath, though. (I'm saying 'her' because I don't want to call your baby 'it', and because mermaids are girls. It's not that I can tell anything from the ultrasound...)

Joy said...

Well that does explain a lot now doesn't it.
August 13th is Buster's birthday. He loves having his birthday on the 13th and on Fridays. :)

Glad all is well. Love that precious picture. The little profile is the sweetest.


Sassy Britches said...

Looks like things are moving along swimmingly...pun intended. Glad all is well, and am cooing over Thingamababy's first picture!

CynthiaK said...

Oh, I so hear you on the small and early babies. Each and every one of mine (yes, that is only three) were all in that category. I sympathize with the endless scans and worries that, in the end, meant nothing other than the small and early baby. Needless stress!

So, it's great that the date has been adjusted and that you now have the potential of Thingamababy arriving on, say, August 8th? I hear that's a brilliant day to be born. 08 08. Highly recommended. :)

Tracy P. said...

Oh those little round baby heads are about the sweetest things in the world! I'm thinking Aug. 10. Fabulous people are born on Aug. 10, or at least that's what I've HEARD.

Here's to hoping for a HAPPY baby!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

it is all making sense now by the sound of it.

What a cute little mermaid you have in there.

Taryn said...

awww!! Thingamababy is GORGEOUS! oh so cute :) :) :) awww :) and August is DEFINITELY the best month to be born in.. no bias here at all either :)

Hairline Fracture said...

That is one adorable baby! And the new date does make everything you mentioned make sense.

Swift Jan said...

What a cute baby!!! I can tell from his/her's profile that the face shape is definately a De Elba!! Very cute indeed!!

As for the date thing... it does make a whole lot more sense doesn't it... especially considering all the odd occurances near the time of conception..
Much love my friend... so glad he/she is doing so well!!

tinsenpup said...

Wow! Little merbaby!

DK was weenie; emergency room after routine ultrasound weenie. She caught up pretty quick.

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

Another little angel coming along! We are loving ours! I get to see him again today!!

GreenJello said...

Yay! Cute ultrasound pic.

I'm really glad your August is not our August. Being really pregnant during the hottest month of the summer is NOT a pleasant experience.