01 March 2009

Exciting times, more blog neglect ahead

Well! First Open Home yesterday - some VERY interested buyers. Coming back today! WooHoo! Thankyou all for your thoughts and prayers. My little hassles are nothing compared to those of people struggling with the bushfires or floods and those of people in troubled countries, but they have been big enough to me and your support has been very much appreciated.

To have friends who will pray if they're Praying Types and to send happy thoughts if they're not Praying Types - Oh wow. I really appreciated every single one of you.

Special thanks also to Mr de E's parents for all their work in the yard and gardens on Friday, and to Andrew and Peter and the indomitable Curtis for their work everywhere around the house on Saturday morning. And the ongoing hospitality of Andrew and Rachel - we have certainly appreciated the accommodation at your place over the last 5 days!

We're off to live with various Grandmas and Grandpas in Toowoomba for a week so the lovely spickenspanness (made that up) of our home isn't messed up for any Open Homes we might have next weekend! This means I will most probably be without Internet until then.

See you all later!

This picture is obviously so old that everyone on the Internet has seen it before, but I'll post it anyway. It is, you probably remember, an important warning about why we should never swallow our chewing gum.


Dee from Downunder said...

never seen that photo before, LOL

Hope the open house get a buyer for you!

Jen said...

you are so totally cracking me up!!!

I hope that your house is sold very quickly. I will miss you!

Cazbam said...

haha! I love the photo :D What a crackup :P

Swift Jan said...

That photo still crack me up!!

Good to hear of VERY interested buyers!!
Enjoy your week...

Joy said...

Hooray for the house hunters. Pick Me Pick Me. (I know that is what your house is saying)

I actually saw this picture for the first time back in January.
Don't know where I've been.


Tracy P. said...

Oh good, get those grandparents trained on all the special treats about having little overnight visitors. Like special breakfasts, and bedtime treats...then you will be adding special nights with Mr. de E. to your what you gain list!

Crazy Sister said...

I've never seen that, either! Falling off my bubble laughing.

I hope you get a mighty bidding war over your spickenspan house, and it sells for half a million... yee ha!

le @ thirdontheright said...

good luck with it all matey - be gentle with yourself - le xox

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Oh goody!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well with the buyers, and the spickandspanness.

And um, if you get abs like that from swallowing your gum I am off straight away to the warehouse club to get a couple million packs so that I can look like that. Who cares if there is a GIANT bubble coming out of my bum? At least I'll always have a chair with me on which to sit upon!

Hairline Fracture said...

How great that you have some potential buyers!

I for one hadn't seen that picture before--hilarious!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Never seen that picture before, but I'm now really glad that we were never allowed to chew gum.

GreenJello said...

I laugh every time I see that photo. :)

Good luck selling your house and moving and all that fun stuff!

Sassy Britches said...

Seriously, you're nuts! LOVE the silly pic!

And yay for Open Home success! Keeping the prayers coming, and have fun with the various grandparents!