27 February 2009

Photos for Heather

Heather wants pictures, so here are some.

1. Queensland Health's float in the Chinchilla Melon Festival Parade - a giant papier mache watermelon getting operated on.

2. Aged Care workers marching with watermelons in wheelchairs.

3. The Rock 'n' Roll society - the best fun of the whole parade, dancing to Jailhouse Rock.

4. Display in the window of Gleeson's Quality Meats.

This was the only time in my life that I've walked or driven through a town and found smashed watermelon on the road HERE and smashed watermelon on the footpath THERE ...

Good times.


Swift Jan said...


Heather said...

Hee! Those are great! Thanks my dear! :D

Alas, none of the mythical Chinchilla Fruit though, eh? ;)

I love watermelons. Mmmmmm, melony. Do you guys have that thing about sticking watermelon seeds on your forehead and naming them each the name of a boy you fancy, then the last one to fall off is who you're going to marry? (Because nothing is more attractive than a bunch of swoony preteen girls at a summer BBQ or picnic walking around with slimy, brown seeds stuck to their foreheads. Always guaranteed to land you a boyfriend, if not husband, yep, mmm-hmm!) What about seed spitting contests? Are these all American (or New Jerseyan, even) things, or are they universal?

Tracy P. said...

Sounds like the pumpkins on the road at Halloween. Very fun--surgery on a watermelon indeed! And I love the jailhouse rock outfits!

Joy said...

It's great how people can make a parade and festival out of anything.
We have garlic festivals, crawfish festivals, etc. here in the states.

Why not!


Sassy Britches said...

Tons 'o fun! I love parades when people really get into it. So many I see around where I live, there's just the school bands, some politicians, and ready-made business floats that are generic and are entered in every parade around. I once went to a weeklong festival in Washington State where they had pet parades, bed races (and people dressed up in costumes for it), theme parades, etc. It was soooo cool.

Jen said...

I LOVE that you posted pictures!!!!! Thank you.

Crazy Sister said...

My favourite would have to be the hollowed out melon "hat" idea. Wonderful.

tinsenpup said...

Wow! If I hadn't just seen pictures on the Internet, I'd not have believed it was real. You've gotta love a butcher with a sense of humour, too, don't you?