17 February 2009

Random Photos

I've been taking photos on my phone to blog about, but when it comes time to blog, I am embarrassed about how trivial the topics are and how crumby the photos that come from my phone camera are. But I think, since it's been 5 days since I last posted, it might be time to share the low-quality stuff that's in my mind and on my phone.

1. Way back on the 6th, Heather asked me to go outside and soak up some sun because the weather was freezing over her way. I went outside to take some pics, and the day became cloudy and overcast. Every photo of my house looked ghastly because the lawn was in DIRE need of a mow. So I lay on my back and took this one of tree, clouds and sky.

2. Did I say the lawn was in need of a mow?

3. At work last Saturday, I had a very slow day. I had a slow day booked, then 2/3 of my speech therapy kids couldn't come. Afterwards I wondered if I could afford to go shopping for kids clothes, and I dcecided that since I'd worked that morning, there'd be no reason why I couldn't take $50 and get some clothes that actually fitted my kids, who are currently wearing clothes that are embarrassingly short and tight. I went to K-Mart and found that the summer stuff was all marked down, and in addition there was 25% off everything! I loaded up, hoping I wasn't going too far over the $50. Some things were $3, some were $4, and there was one nice plain black t-shirt for Sonny that was, after the two markdowns, $1.87! I got to the checkouts, worried I may have gone WAY over $50. But guess what - the total was $49.33! How GOOD am I?

4. My neighbours, who bought the house next to us in 2007, bought a house that had just had its roof restored. Imagine my surprise when I saw they were doing the roof yet AGAIN, only 2 or 3 years since the huge, expensive job was done! Imagine my ongoing surprise when I saw what colour the roof now is. Is this the brightest, reddest, most headache-incuding roof you've ever had the pleasure of looking out onto? I think we have to move.

5. I found a leaf that looks like a pair of lips.

6. My sister is a clever little chickie, but I caught her in a gullible mood one day. We were lying on our backs on the back deck, looking up at the evening sky and the TV aerial on our roof. On the spot, I made up a silly story about the three straight bits at the top being for the three commercial Channels 7, 9 and 10, the straight bit down the bottom being for the ABC and the final one being for SBS (national multicultural and multilingual broadcaster) with the attached squiggly bit being the Foreign Language Decoder. She believed me! It was a triumph for me, as I can't tell a story like that with a straight face and I can't fool anyone about anything.


Sassy Britches said...

You are the most adorable woman on the face of this earth. I mean, a leaf shaped like lips!? And niiiice trick photography with the jungle lawn. :) And I'm falling over giggling about the antenna. You're nuts.

Jen said...

You are so awesome. I love the photos! This was really a great post.

CynthiaK said...

That's some serious jungle you've got going on there in that yard! Get thee a lawn mower! LOL! Ah, we usually let ours go pretty long, too. We think it's healthier! ;-)

Love the leaf lips. I think you should try to sell that on eBay.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

You take the prize for the most hilarious post! Love the pix! Love the stories behind them!

Swift Jan said...

Did you get itchy lying on your back in the grass?

Oh & how good was your shop for the kids!! $49.33 indeed! Clever woman!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I didn't know you all had Kmart over there. Cool! congrats on the bargains.
Funny story about the antenna.


Dee from Downunder said...

Great Shopping! I love markdowns.

That tv aerial joke is a hoot.

tinsenpup said...

I really want to put the "lawn" picture from my blog next to the lawn picture from your blog, then sit and meditate on the difference a thousand miles makes. Although perhaps nearby bushfires vs. nearby floods might make a more stark demonstration.

Hippomanic Jen said...

You are nuts.

I love you, crazy lady!

Anonymous said...

But..... did you tell your sister that if a kookaburra sat on the foreign language decoder it would cackle in French?
Judy B

Cazbam said...

haha That's Gold! Your first 2 pics are fantastic, i love them.

and would you believe, that when i was younger, i actually did believe that the different lines on the antena were for different channels. That's why we didn't get good reception on ABC, because that one was bent............. hehe

Crazy Sister said...

Definitely sell the leaf on ebay.

Your poor sister, being taken in like that. My thoughts are with her.

Heather said...

Woo! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! I'd love a lawn that was lush and green and in need of mowing. Ours is in need of a thaw and a good squeegeeing, as it is completely sodden and mucky whenever the temperature dares hover above freezing for a day. Then it is back under ice again. Ew.

LOVE the lips leaf, that is fantastic!

I have a very, very gullible sister. (My youngest sister - her gullibility is legendary amongst those who know our family.) The things I've told her over the years, thanks to my ridiculously overactive imagination, that she has *believed* would make your head spin. Maybe I'll blog about them sometime............. }:D

Femina said...

I can't believe you managed to get through the antenna story without giggling.

I love random photos. Now I want to head out with my camera and capture some randomness. This is a work day though, and although my boss is very laid back I think that might be where he draws the line.

bettyl said...

OH, my! Trivial is a matter of opinion! Your snaps are original and clever!