23 March 2009

Happy Birthday Sonny Ma-Jiminy!

Finally! After nearly a year of looking forward to the day of all days, the twenty-third of March, it came!

There was decorating:

And helping with the cooking:

And a sea of cupcakes:

And boy, there was partying:

Some weren't allowed to join in the fun of blowing out the candles (but they can do it really well!)

And cake was eaten:

Cricket was played:

And some friends lent us their jumping castle! Great friends to have!

And that was just the day before! On the REAL birthday ...

There was waking up early and snuggling in the big bed:

And opening some presents, which prove that many people love him and think he's a Big Deal!

There was a bit of this:

And at the end of the day, a pretty big present!

Tomorrow, we'll go to the Netball Courts and try it out!


Stranded in Stepford said...

Happy Birthday Sonny!!! You ARE a big deal!!

Tracy P. said...

Happy birthday, Sonny Ma-J! You share a birthday with someone who is quite famous to my kids--their dad!

Those are some beautiful cupcakes!

Sassy Britches said...

Oh, what a wonderful celebration! Happy Birthday Sonny Ma-Jiminy!!

I think when I grow up and get big, I want to be just like Smoochy Girl--eating batter from the bowl with my fingers, plowing face-first into cake. Yes, please!

GreenJello said...

A new bike! Best birthday present ever when you're a kid. :)

Joy said...

Looks like an awesome few days there. I think birthday celebrations should last all week or month if you want them too.
Love the new bike. He looks so proud.
Those cupcakes looked wonderful.
They are two of the cutest kids!
How fun!
♥ Joy

Hairline Fracture said...

Happy Birthday Sonny! It looks like you had a great one.

(I love the parents putting their hands over the mouths of kids eager to "help" blow out the candles.)

musing said...

Happy Birthday big boy!

And those cupcakes look delish. I think I'd be licking the plate, too. :)

Jen said...

What a totally awesome birthday! Hayden saw this post with me and wants to come to his party. "Pleeeeeeease mom?" he goes. :)

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

That is so neat!! Happy Birthday, Big Guy! You have FABulous parents!! And that's the best BIRTHday present you could ever have!!!

Swift Jan said...

Twas a fun party!!!!
CC has the EXACT same bike!! COOL :D

Mrs. C. said...

Dang, my cupcakes never look that good...can I be one of your kids too? Pleeeze?

Anonymous said...

Fun birthday post!
My smallest turned 2 on 23rd and I did a post too - funny to be surfing and find something so similar!

I'm jealous - you're somewhere warm enough for shorts in March!

Tammy Kling said...

Those cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL!

Dee from Downunder said...

***Happy birthday Sonny...***

looks like a great day was had by all!
(sorry to be late,I've been ill, just trying to catch up with everyone slowly)