16 July 2008

Part 1: It's my SITS Day and I'll cry if I want to...

But I don't want to!

Whee! I am having such fun meeting so many new people, and they’re all primed to comment! When my Mr McGee poem was featured on Good Mom / Bad Mom, they all came to read but not to comment, which ended up in me pathetically emailing my brother to PLEASE send a comment so I could FOR ONCE end up in double figures, which request he honoured so ADMIRABLY that it deserved a post all of its own.

The comments keep rolling in and I've loving it! I read every single one, but would find it so hard to get to each of your blogs to give you some Comment Love back, so here I'll just reply to a few of the comments I've received so far.

Many of you went to my main page - thankyou! I wish I had something more interesting than The Shocking Case of The Cheese Sandwich for you to read, but today, that's whatcha get.

A few of you offered exclamations that I loved: Holy Hannah and Holy Buckets were great. When you try to keep yourself from saying anything too strong and shocking, you need some alternatives. Recently I read a blog where the writer took Santa's name in vain - I laughed out loud!

Many of you were kind enough to sympathise with me in my dilemma of sending "proper" food to kindy with Sonny Ma-Jiminy. And I was relieved to find that none of the kindy employees had stumbled across my blog and left hate mail.

A few of you remembered that song from the 80's with "vegemite sandwich" in it... it was "Land Down Under" by Men at Work back in 1983.

ugagirl30 said "We cannot send pre-packaged foods in their package. We must remove them and place them in ziploc bags so that the other children don't know what it is" and this reminded me that we too have the No Food Packaging rule at kindy. This is to reduce waste, because among everything else, this kindy teacher is quite environmentally conscious. I guess I just forgot that rule among the other four. So -sigh- I guess I acutally have five rules to dance around. And tonight is lunchbox-packing night.

EmmaP's comment has me wondering now what rules the kindy teacher might impose on her husband at home. The mind boggles.

WheresMyAngels said that an Australian friend sent her some Vegemite. Wow. I think that it's an acquired taste and I wouldn't even by TRYING it out on someone who hasn't had Vegemite from childhood. Waste of good Vegemite.

I was so glad to see most of you rolled on the floor laughing at my stupid injuries! I serve as a warning to others. Although I read that a startlingly high number of you have given yourselves similar nipple injuries on similar nipple-injuring scissors, in which you can also pinck your thigh or tummy fat. As one astute commenter pointed out that at least it was the pinch end, not the snip end. Too true.

I read with horror Mary Anna's story of catching her nipple in a 'Pampered Chef' measuring cup thing. I don't know these, but will Google them later. She said that you turn it one way to measure liquids and then pull something out to measure solids. Long Story Short: wearing a nightgown, reassembling measuring cup, got 'pulled into it', sustained ghastly nipple cut that bled requiring a bandaid - oh my word.

One of my best friends commented that she didn’t want to admit to being friends with the person who pinched her nipple with the chicken scissors. So ... Thanks.

Thankyou for sharing your Stupid Injuries with me. It makes me feel a little better to see I'm not the only one doing things like this:

  • Lifting milk out of refrigerator too quickly and scarred hand
  • Bruising thigh on the arm of the sofa
  • Sustaining concussion from a hot air popper falling onto head
  • Jamming scissors into hand requiring stitches
  • Embedding a Thomas the Tank Engine into foot
  • Breathing a burning piece of lavender so it lodged up nostril (too crazy for anyone but my Crazy Sister)
  • Dislocating thumb while readjusting underwire in bra
  • Bruising the bottom of foot while climbing into a boat in front of fiance
  • Slicing a finger open while cutting a frozen bagel
  • Breaking a toe by catching it on the kitchen island
  • Ripping off a finger tip riding on a water department trolley that was clearly marked "No tresspassing"
  • Dropping an earring back down into the ear canal
  • Spraining ankles while playing mock Horse Shows when young
  • Dropping a pound of frozen hamburger meat onto toe, breaking toe
  • Walking into door jams a lot
  • Spraining an ankle while chasing a shoe
  • Whacking self in the face opening the freezer door.

I was relieved to hear that all around the world, people are sustaining Handtowel Injuries similar to mine, along with:

  • Veggie-chopping injuries
  • Scrapbooking finger-tip-snipping injuries
  • Walking down the hall injuries
  • Dishwasher injuries
  • Laundry injuries
  • and a painful-sounding Honda Civic knee injury that I hope heals soon.

But my favourite comment was trashalou's. I never expected someone to say, "Oh nipple scissors? We've all been there......"

I'll have a look through the comments on my other two featured posts soon, and give you a roundup of those!


tinsenpup said...

"...a painful-sounding Honda Civic knee injury..." I didn't even know Honda Civics had knees! :) Glad you're getting all the comment love you so richly deserve.

Givinya De Elba said...

Hee hee, I wrote that post so quickly I'm not surprised I've alluded to knees on cars ... so addled. Thanks for reading!

Mindy said...

I haven't had a chance to go back and read your other entries in entirety except for the last. I book marked your blog when it was featured but things got crazy and all my free time was used up. Just wanted to say that I love the word kindy and I am so using that when my kids get to that age.

I also had a friend who was sent some vegemite and her first reaction was pretty funny! She actually started to really like it by the time she was finishing her toast. I guess it truly is an acquired taste. A friend of mine sent me marmite once from England. It took some serious getting used to and I am not sure I would buy it out of choice by I will say I was sad to see the bottle slowly empty over time. We had started to enjoy it. It’s interesting how foods can vary so much from place to place, can you say ‘grits’? :)

Lastly we were watching my niece once in a sort of last minute situation right as we came back from vacation. We had no idea she needed to bring her lunch to pre-school the next morning. We were already running late (not being used to getting a toddler ready) and the pre-school was very strict about admittance times. We ended up packing her the only food we had in the entire house since we had pretty much cleared it all out before we left for vacation. She went to school with half a piece of pizza that she had already taken two bites out of at dinner time the night before. We had saved it for an after school snack the next day. Needless to say her Mom got quite the letter from the school who was concerned about her nutrition needs! She was quite happy with it all though and asked if she could bring ‘peaza’ every day for lunch.

http://cookiesunshine.typepad.com/ said...

Ladies, I'm having a MOM emergency and I am hoping that some of my SITS girlfriends will be willing to band together in my effort to help my Mother. This is NOT, NOT< NOT spam.

If you can help I truly appreciate your effort.


Jen said...

You blog is awesome and too funny. I will be checking back, often

Maternal Mirth said...

The nipple scissors scare the bah-jeezus out of me!!!

Veggie Mom said...

I'm enjoying reading what you have to say! Isn't SITS awesome? Don't forget to Share the Comment Love in my neck o' the woods sometime. I'm not as funny as you, but you give me something to aspire to!

followthatdog said...

nipple scissors? now that I have to share. Too funny!
I did manage to break my toe tripping on my own pant leg while playing chase with my toddler. Loved explaining that to the x-ray tech.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Funny, funny, funny.

Crazy Sister said...

I opened the oven door, leaned in to check the whatever, which was fine, then closed the oven door.

Without removing my head.

This was when I was at school - try explaining a long burn under the chin to a gazillion classmates.

Givinya De Elba said...


That sort of thing could only happen to you.

I am SO glad you are back, Crazy Sister.