06 July 2008

"A Little Trip Away..."

Do you remember when I made a decision not to allow my laundry basket to keep stopping me going to visit my family or friends?

Tomorrow I am packing my two children and a basket of dirty laundry into the car and heading off to see Aunty Crazy Sister and her family (which includes Mr Crazy, Kindy Kid Cousin and Cucky Dargles.) We'll stay two nights and head back on Wednesday.

As I blogged a few days ago, during last week's Kids Holiday Program my blood pressure bothered me a little. I went to the doctor and in addition to some medication that works better for me, she gave me advice to 'Just go! See your sister! Have a wonderful time and get away from all those horrible children!!'

Now I must stress that most of the kids at the program were great, and the behaviour was excellent overall. But of course by the last day I was ready to bang some of their heads together and my closest friends know that a couple of the kids were sending me a little nutsoid.

Now taking two kids on a long car trip to go and wreak havoc with two other kids of the same age isn't exactly the same as having a wonderful time and getting away from all those horrible children, but it's close enough. So off we go.

Crazy Sister has had an idea. She decided it would be good to give her new house a name. (You know how some people name their house something like 'Briarbrae' or 'Dunromin' or sometimes a combination of the names of the occupants?) Well, CS thought she could call her house "Rehab" and do up a pretty little sign for the front door.

That way, she reasoned, I could always tell people that the stress had got to me so badly that my doctor had ordered that I 'spend some time in rehab.' Good idea.

Another great benefit of calling her house 'Rehab' is when Kindy Kid Cousin or Cucky-Dargles have a meltdown at the shops, CS can always growl at them, 'Right - it's straight to REHAB for you!' And she drives them home.

She's a thinker. It'll be a good trip.


Amy said...

Our house would be called: The Loony Bin...

Mrs. Tantrum said...

She is BRILLIANT that Crazy Sister!

Pray that Kindy Cousin and Cucky Dargles don't learn the words to the Amy Winehouse song. "I don't want to go to Rehab no, no, no..." Like Bacon did. Then when Crazy Sister said that it was straight to Rehab, they would have a smart arsed reply!

Becky said...

LOL @ Mrs Tantrum!!

Enjoy rehab my lovely friend!!! I hoope you come back feeling refreshed!

The File Family said...

lololol rehab! That is great! Can I come to rehab too??? My house would be the zoo!

Lynda said...

I absolutely love the name, "Rehab" and think I might need to steal it. We're far enough apart ;-)

Arizona Albino said...

I hope you have a great time in rehab--they should make a card for that. And when SM-J and SG are older perhaps they will remember the time they spent with their mommy in rehab and not have to go their themselves!

musing said...

Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Gundi. Cheerio from not-so-sunny-and-definitely-freezing Sydney.

CS's s-i-l

Givinya De Elba said...

Thankyou all for your lovely comments! We had a great time.

We didn't have any Amy Winehouse, but Crazy Sister did an awesome reading of "Walter The Farting Dog" with sound effects. Her kids were rolling around laughing, Sonny listened seriously and told me all about it the next day.

Of course you can steal the name Lynda! The more "Rehabs" the merrier!

I love the idea of a "Happy Rehab" card - maybe you should talk to Hallmark, Arizona Albino.

And HI to SIL of Crazy Sister! I heard you are now in Sydney. How are you going down there?


Darcie said...

Oh I love the way she thinks. And even making the sign to complete the theme? Brilliance.