26 July 2008

Fourteen Minutes

One day this week, I dropped Sonny Ma-Jiminy off at kindy. He went to play with a group of children and a few parents who were there. I put his lunchbox in the fridge and came back to see the parents in the group smiling to each other and saying, "Fourteen minutes? Really? That's going to be a productive fourteen minutes!"

"Oh dear, what has he been telling you?" I asked.

"He said that in fourteen minutes, he's going to be FIVE!"

Sonny is desperate to turn five. He can't wait to turn five. He is anticipating turning five. Problem is, he hasn't turned four yet. He's three ("and a third", he would add) and I'm afraid that in eight months, I will need to make a cake like this, cobbled together with my less-than-leet photoshopping skillz:
A fourth birthday cake with five candles. How sad.


Crazy Sister said...

On his fourth birthday, Kindy Kid cousin announced, "I'm going to be six next year." Yummy husband corrected him, "No, next year you'll be five." The little guy was adamant,"I have been five ALREADY!" Husband said, "no, you're four."

Kindy Kid shrieked, "You mean I'm going BACKWARDS?"

MadWoman said...

Took me a minute to figure out why your kidlet was going to school during summer vacation. Then it hit me like a big smack in the face that you must be in the same part of the world as my mom, and hey look..I was right. Sort of. She's in NZ.

Anyhoooo.....sounds like Sonny has the same outlook as my son. CJ will be four in August but he's been telling everyone he's going to be 5 as well.

What can we do eh?

Adelaine said...

Oh don't you love the lack of understanding about the passage of time! It's cute though!

My Dos wants soooo badly to be older than Uno. He can't quite grasp the concept that no matter how hard he tries, or what he says, that just isn't going to happen!

Apple Joos said...

That cake is amazing! Mine all come out looking like they've already been chewed.

Veggie Mom said...

Thanks so much for Sharing the Comment Love! Are you planning to e-mail Oprah on behalf of Uncle Lynn and Pop'rs? It would be soooooooooo cool if you did! I've got my fingers crossed...

Mama's Losin' It said...

Hey, we do what we've got to do to keep our babies happy right!?!

Anonymous said...

I'm quite happy to give him my next birthday, thereby allowing him to be 5 and I'll not progress at all. OK with you? Jen.

Heather said...

We always put an extra candle on birthday cakes - for luck! So, I didn't get what was wrong with the cake having five candles.... :)

My kiddo began the countdown to her sixth birthday the day after her fifth birthday. However, she also uses it as an excuse to not do/eat things:

"Mommy, SIX year olds eat their green beans, and I'm only five."

"Mommy, NEXT year I can clean my room by myself because I'll be SIX then..."

Kids! LOL!