01 January 2012

Just pretending

I can't believe that so far this year, I have managed to blog every single day.  Amazing, for me, but it will just be a little quote from Jessie.

Me, faffing around the kitchen trying to get many things for many people, making mistakes and admonishing self:  No, don't put the hot kettle in the fridge, that's not where it goes!
Jessie:  Mum!  Are you just pretending to be an idiot?
Me:  Ah yeah, that's it.  Just pretending.


Emily Sue said...

Haha. See, I'm sure my cats think these things about me, but happily (for me) they are unable to articulate them.

Swift Jan said...

Hehehehe I have a few times found fridge items in the cupboard and visa versa... I tells you that peanut butter in thr fridge is no good. No good at all!!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I note that your blogging every day in 2012 hasn't been going as well as it started out?

Jessie is very funny.

tinsenpup said...

Dammit! It's every parent's nightmare. She's on to you!