17 January 2012


After my exhilarating conversation with the scammer yesterday, I sat down to blog about it.  I am surprised I got the post done however, because my internet seemed to be half broken / half impossibly slow.

"Brilliant!" I thought.  "The scammer has caught up with me and remotely broken my internet!"  Logic sometimes escapes me in cases of technological failure.

Later last night I was able to ask Mr de Elba to have a look at the problem.  Initially he was stumped, but he eventually managed to solve the problem by -erm- restarting the modem.  A thing I'd tried myself, but had become confused and reset the router instead.  I am so clever.

To test the connection, he typed in a few random search engines and news sites.  He ran out of ideas and started thinking of other sites he could type in for testing purposes.

Now once a man solves a problem, he feels quite awesome.  And once a man feels awesome, what does he do?  He thinks to himself, "I am awesome," and for the heck of it, he types in iamawesome.com

We burst out laughing.  Try it!  Go to http://iamawesome.com/ and see for yourself!