13 January 2012

Everyone shops at KMart

As soon as we arrived at our holiday house, I went to KMart to shop for swimwear for the children. Crazy huh? Who goes to the beach without swimmers? Well, apparently, it's easy to forget them if the children decide the preceding afternoon that they hafta-hafta-hafta swim in the neighbour's pool. As soon as the decision was made, I knew I would either be packing damp swimmers in the morning, or would forget them altogether.

As it was, I packed mine and Mr de Elba's (because they were dry) and forgot the kids' (because they were outside drying on the airer.) Hence the trip to KMart for swimwear shopping as soon as we got there.

Justamum's kids needed a few swimmers so she came with me. We quickly picked out what we needed for Woody, Jessie, Belle and Banana, and then I looked for a swimming shirt for Buzz. I wanted something that would be visible in the surf, as I knew I would be counting heads a lot of the time and a distinctive swimming shirt was going to facilitate matters greatly. However, there seemed to be limited choice when it came to visible colours.

Fluoro orange, they did not have. There seemed to be a large amount of black which is just not all that good when it comes to counting heads.

Red! What about red? Poor Justamum had to suffer my deliberations regarding the relative merits of the RED shirt with BLACK sleeves and the BLACK shirt with RED sleeves.

I'll spare you descriptions of my deliberating.

I finally decided that since the sleeves would be the most visible part, I'd go with RED sleeves.

Yay! Look at Buzz, happy in his new swimming shirt!

Surely he would be EASY to spot in the surf now! All I had to do was find the red sleeves!!

Shortly after, I realised that everyone shops at KMart.


Swift Jan said...

Today we went to white water world.

Yesterday I bought Libby & Ella new togs. Libby's are bright red with polka dots. Ella's are white with navy blue flowers on the sleeves.

Now what you need to remember is that I am blind without my glasses. I am not allowed to wear my glasses when sliding down the slides. Ella and Libby were easy enough to spot with my blurry vision. No other kids had their togs!

What I should have done however is buy Connor new togs. His are grey. You can imagine how easy he was to spot in a crowd of kids.... with my glasses off!

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh no, that sounds impossible! I'd be breaking all the rules re glasses I think! Grey togs on Connor would be like a Cloak of Invisibility!

Swift Jan said...

I tried to break the rules, but alas the lady wouldn't let us on with them... Yes grey, not so good LOL

Tracy P. said...

I LOVE your "camera"! Glad Buzz made it home safely anyway. :-)

Hippomanic Jen said...

Te he.