24 October 2009


I've been playing with some of my recent photos.

Adding texture, rounding corners, and what better subject to use than My Girl? The one who ties my brain up in knots:

AL: I am your girl, and you are my pin-cess.
Me: Well okay, but I'm really your mother.
AL: What I called?
Me: You are my daughter. And I am your mother.
AL: You are my muvver. And I am Daddy's muvver.
Me (concentrating): Yes. No, wait - what? Daddy's your father.
AL: And Nat is my boy and Doe-feff is my boy and you are my girl. And I am your farver and your pin-cess.
Me: Okay.

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, rounding corners, adding texture, blurring it all up around the edges ...
That was a bit too much, wasn't it? But then, SHE is a bit too much as well, isn't she?

AL: 'Can I have some yoghurt?'
Me: 'I'll need to hear some manners.'
AL: 'Please? That's good manners. Now can I have some yoghurt?'

Texture, as wild and varied as each day with my little girl. The texture below is the shot of my lawn that I posted yesterday. The rose is a "Raspberry Tiger."

Little Anna-Lucia. The girl who sometimes calls us Daddy-Cia, Mummy-Cia, Natty-Cia and Doe-feff-Cia.

The girl who has watched Wallace & Grommit so many times now that she sometimes says of the moon, "Dey fought it was made of cheese - it made of Moon Wock!! Silly ol Gommit. Silly ol Wowiss."

The girl who, when asked what Joseph was doing, saw that he was looking at toys dangling above him and replied, "Yooking at he dollies."

If she melts my heart much more, it will dribble down into my toes. Is that why at the end of the day, your feet get a little puffy? Or is that just during pregnancy?


sewfunbymonique said...

Beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing. Love your editing, too. I just ordered a new camera & it will be here Tues. Can't wait!

Kimi said...

Lovely pictures. She is a doll!!!!

Tracy P. said...

I know how that feels. We're so lucky to have both sides of the gender coin.

I LOVE what you did with that background texture!! I need to get up to speed on some layers. Seriously! Clueless here.

Do you have a know of a good tutorial on how to reduce the opacity of the background of the original photo? (Or, you could write one in your spare time. ;-) )

Tracy P. said...

"have a know of a"...it's a new American grammatical construction.

Swift Jan said...

Anna-Lucia is soooo scrummy!!! Just adorable!!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Just beautiful. I do love the innocent time when all the words flow so easily, so loverly, cuddly, perfectly. :-) A sweet little beauty.

Jen said...

She is so cute that I could just eat her up. Love her!!!!

Joy said...

She is beautiful and I love the pictures you did of her and I'm so impressed with your editing.
The one with her asleep is just angelic.
I need to work on my editing skills. I haven't clicked on my photoshop element in months.


Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

great photos and great post! She is so beautiful! and that rose is too.

Sassy Britches said...

Sometimes I just want to have kids so I can listen to them say funny stuff all day long! She's the cutiest-patootiest thing in the whole wide world! And I'm SUPER impressed with your photo editing skills--v. jealous.