30 October 2009

Happy 4½th Birthday Nat!

My act? It's finally TOGETHER!

I decided to bite the bullet today and DO NAT'S BIRTHDAY! I'd had so much encouragement from my commenters and others, and decided that not only could I do it, I could do it by myself!

For me, it's no extra bother to make cakes and icing from scratch than to use packet mixes and prepared icing. The cakes were already made, as I said, and they were perfect when defrosted. Well, as perfect as they'd been before they were frozen anyway.

(My oven in the new house is a bit weird and cakes often come out unusually-shaped because the top element is a bit savage. The tops cook first, rise up and slop over to the side while the middles keep rising and spew batter out the other side. With some creative temperature adjustment the whole cake can be completed without scorching the top. It just looks weird, that's all.)

You know what? I'm blathering on too much. Let me show you some pictures, partly to show you how the morning turned out, and partly because without pictorial evidence, you may never believe I actually gave Nat his 4½th Birthday ... at the age of 4 years 7 months and 7 days.

All done. Weirdly shaped, vividly pink, but D.O.N.E! And I don't believe the kids would have even noticed the things I notice all too much! (I turned the most-prolapsed cakes away from the camera, in case you're wondering what I was talking about.)

When it all comes down to it, it's The Birthday Boy who needs to be happy. And he was. (It could just be because his Dad is Mr Strong.)
That's a good angle to see some of those krazy kakes.

I haven't yet done a post about how completely awesome Nat's 2009 Kindy Teacher is - suffice to say that when she was putting candles on, she was so awesome she actually cut one in half so Nat could have 4½ candles. No problems, no questions asked. She is cool like that. I love her.

The candles were lit, the candles were blown out ...

And the cakes were enjoyed ...
Pardon me, I should have said the icing was enjoyed.

And the Man Of The Hour was satisfied. Two years of kindy, and finally, 7 months and 7 days late, his birthday was celebrated.

Happy Birthday, Nat. Happy 4½th Birthday. Way to squeeze all the drops of fun from the annual institution we call The Birthday.

Now. How am I going to get out of throwing the huge housewarming party Nat's been pestering us to have? He's got a guest list (you're on it!!), and every day he's at us to write the invitations. We moved here in April.


Swift Jan said...

So glad Nat's 4 1/2th birthday was a winner! His teacher sounds like fun. Who would have thought to cut the candle in half lol!!
So chuffed we are invited to the party (whenever & if ever it happens)... *grins*

Joy said...

Looks like one happy, satified little 4.5 year old.
Good for him and what sweet momma to make him feel special with his classmates.

Love all the colors you did.


~Taz~ said...

wow you're such an awesome Mum! :)glad his 4 1/2 birthday went well!! very cute! :)

Tracy P. said...

So, inquiring minds want to know if he is the type of boy who would appreciate the perfect pattern in which the cupcakes were arranged? Sounds like the move was worth it for the new kindy teacher alone!