23 October 2009


Thankyou all for saying you like the stuff that is frequently found at Killing A Fly. I don't have a HUGE, WHIZBANG STORY to tell, but I can let you in on daily life at the de Elbas' place.

I am reminded that I don't get around to thank all you lovely commenters, and I really should! Please forgive me for that. I'm slack.

Now before I get on with the next post, please let me show you a close-up of our lawn. This is partly in deference to the genre of the Interestingly Mundane (or is it Mundanely Interesting?) posting that you've become accustomed to here at Killing A Fly, and partly because it will feature in the next post.



Swift Jan said...

hehe, very intriguing :P

Crazy Sister said...

Lawn is just too depressing. It's so much work, and I'm so over it.

Next house, I'm GRAVELLING the front yard, and I'm only laying turf in the EXACT area that the sprinkler can reach without being moved.

Femina said...

I hate lawn. I don't think I've willingly sat on grass, apart from in parks, in my entire adult life so I see no point having it in my yard. If I had my way I would have paving, a massive vege garden, a slightly less massive shrub/flower garden, some trees around the fenceline and not a single blade of grass anywhere.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

are you trying to force us to watch your grass grow?