27 October 2009

Hot and Cold

This girl (you know the one)
runs hot and cold. Her moods flip from grumpy to euphoric in the blink of a Small Child's Whim. It's frustrating, it's manipulative, and it's terribly terribly cute.

The scene: inside the house as a rare shower of rain pours down outside. The Mother walks through the house followed by a Small Boy and an even Smaller Girl. The Small Boy is trying to persuade The Mother to let him put on his swimmers and play in the rain. The Small Girl is whinging and moaning and carrying on about an issue long-forgotten. All she remembers is that she was the injured party, and she needs to continue to complain.

Small Boy: Please Mum? Can I go out in the rain?

The Mother: Well you can sweetheart, but your sister can't. You see, she's MUCH TOO UPSET.

Small Girl: Oo! I'm not upset anymore! Yook!

The mother turns to see the small girl gesturing to her own elated expression as evidence that she is now no longer upset and can go outside in the rain.
(Sorry, yes, they're cufflinks. But they say "Hot" and "Cold" which was what I was after.)


Crazy Sister said...

What cool cufflinks!

And what a sneaky, sneaky little drama princess!

Femina said...

I'm amazed that with that gorgeous little face That Girl doesn't get her own way ALL the time. She melts MY heart into a little puddle and I've never even met her.

Mind you, some of my Sunday School kids were unbearably cute too but they still learned that we don't bang the end of the texta on the table and if we snap the crayons into several pieces we won't be allowed to use them anymore.

Swift Jan said...

my girl is hot and cold like that too....frustrating!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I have one of those at my house too (a girl who runs hot and cold - not cuff links) and it drives me CRAZY

Jen said...

that is beautiful. I am so going to try it with my little drama princess.

Scurrette said...

apparently there are more then 1 of these flippant children about...

Sassy Britches said...

Umm...is it bad that I see MYSELF in this scenario? (Hint: I'm not the Mother, or the Small Boy)

Joy said...

Just practicing her woman's perogative. You know this will drive her husband crazy one day.