22 January 2009


I have been blown away by the support and kindness in your comments! Thankyou all so much for being so happy about Thingamababy and so understanding! Some of you needed a response, I think!

The Blonde Duck, Louisa and Long dark hair, blue eyes had kind wishes on the news of the baby. Thankyou all very much.

Heather said "removalists" sounds so much more technical and fancy than our boring, old "movers" in the US. I didn't realise we sounded posh! In fact, while Google Talking with Heather, I realised that she said "realtor" where I would have said, "real estate lady" so I thought she was the technical and fancy one!!

Jen said she loved the name 'Thingamababy' and she wanted to be pregnant just so that she can use it. Well, I think it would be exciting to see another little one in her family, but perhaps after Hayden and the triplets she should ask Jeff first before she goes having a Number Five just for the name? Made me chuckle anyway.

Taryn said she started screaming when she read about Thingamababy, and I wonder if that's because she freaked out at the thought of babysitting THREE of my kids instead of the usual two? We can switch one or two of the kids to the "off" position when you babysit in future? And Toowoomba isn't that far away, really.

I always love comments from bfs ~ "Mimi" because she has been there and done that. She called Thingamababy a "new little kiss from God" and I really loved that. Until I can feel him or her moving, I will probably find it hard to believe, with everything else going on! Thanks also for your prayers for health and peace, Mimi.

Yes, I am nauseous, but this time around, there hasn't been vomiting (until yesterday afternoon, 12½ weeks, go figure.) So although the crackers would be a good idea, I am still just eating unwise things and regretting it. Like last night at Home Group, I ordered Bananarama pancakes with butterscotch syrup and a side order of chips and tomato sauce. Our Home Group meets in a dark quiet booth at The Pancake Manor, in case you were wondering.

Swift Jan said she was going to call Thingamababy "God's smile on Kate" which is (a) so lovely, and thankyou, and (b) a reminder to me about using real names on this blog. I really want to! Maybe when Thingamababy is born, I will tell you his or her real name (if we can think of one)along with everyone else's! Most of you know I am Kate, so that's not much of a surprise.

Crazy Sister said a whole lot of nice stuff. Thanks babe. I think that once we've found a nice home and bought it and sold our Ipswich one, we'll be able to start planning and making moves towards ... moving. And then you can visit us whenever you're in town.

Femina said Givinya - 1 / Screaming-Heap-Nervous-Breakdown - 0.
That shows remarkable insight into the struggle going on in the difficult times, and I love that you said it! I am hoping to turn my '1' into a bigger number as the days go by.

CynthiaK said that "Thingamababy" made her think of the Moomin books by Tove Janssen (of Finland). I will have to check them out!

Dee from Downunder had a great idea, one I have already had myself: Let everyone else do all the heavy stuff, and sit back with your feet up. I had decided early on that if packers weren't provided along with the movers ... removalists ... by Mr de Elba's work, then I'd just work a little extra and pay for them myself! Having going through a lot of ghastly packing and lifting last year during the bed bug crisis, I know the task is too much for me by myself. And if there's one thing I know how to do, it's when to ask for help and Make It Happen! Wow I feel powerful now. It was great to hear that Dee agreed with me!

Hippomanic Jen my faithful friend said "I wish you'd left that negative comment up so that I could have savaged the author for you." I would have loved that. The comment wasn't the usual trolling and hating, it was just a Christian who came from a particular side of the church who believed that I was choosing to be miserable, my feeling of distance from God was obviously because I'd moved away from God, and that I should just be thankful that I don't live in Gaza of Afghanistan.

Well, I've heard all this sort of rhetoric before, and deliberately distanced myself from it by delving further into the real God.

The truth is that I needed to express my thoughts and God can take it and nurture me to a healthier place if I am honest, the great Biblical and Church fathers have all experienced their dark night of the soul when God seemed distant (Chapter 2 of "Prayer" by Richard Foster was helpful), and countries like Gaza, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, East Timor, Sudan, etc., are often in my prayers. I ache for those nations, I pray for those nations, and yet my own problems still seem quite real.

I had many thoughts on how to respond to that comment, but in the end, I just hit delete and tried to forget. A Hippomanic Savaging would have been interesting to read though!

Mrs. Tantrum said "I think that Thingamababy is the PERFECT addition to the DeElba crew!" We don't really know Thingamababy yet but we think you're probably right. But as I've elected not to have a scan until 18 weeks, we just can't be really sure it's not actually Thingamababies in there, and we know you've had those dreams about someone close to you having twins. Well, if it IS, then (a) thanks for the dream, my friend, (b) they will be the perfect addition to our crew, if a little surprising, and (c) I will need a lot of help.

She also suggested that I try bacon for my nausea. Believe me, I am trying everything in large quantities. Nothing makes me feel better but nothing makes me feel worse either so I have been eating pretty much everything and have given up on Operation Skinny Cow.

Adelaine had some stories showing that I'm not alone in juggling a pregnancy with tricky life situations. It's good to hear from others who have done it and come out the other side alive!

Joy in the Burbs... "I think you have timed this perfectly. Now Mr de Elba has to do all cleaning and major pushing around of furniture. Don't want to upset baby Thingamababy." I liked that!

stefanie said that Thingamababy was perhaps the longest name she'd ever heard of for such a tiny little person. It is a bit long, hey? But still shorter than I name I saw on a message board once: A prospective Mum was asking people if they thought it was a bit much to call the baby girl "Emmaleighyanna" pronounced of course like "Emily-Anna" - most people replied that yes, it was absurd.

I loved the comment from Sassy Britches: "Oh MY!!!!!!!! Look at YOU!" (Yes, look at me [wry smile.]) "I'm so happy that Thingamababy is coming into your life and into your family." (Thankyou so much, it reminds me that there is actually a real baby in there and I should remember to thank God more often too!)

"I know people say things like "I'm praying for you," but I have never been a remembering-to-pray-specifically kind of gal...BUT I have prayed for you every night and morning since you told us about your move! So, we're all here with you!" this meant a lot to me. I too am not great at remembering to pray so I understand that when you say you will or you did, it MEANS something! I really appreciate it!

Carol said "Congrats!! That is such awesome news. I'm praying for you, and your new bub and your existing family. Praying for a new house for you too :)xoxo" and this was so special to me, because I didn't even know that carol read my little ole blog! I've been amazed to discover the people who have been reading and caring. Thankyou so much my dear, it means so much that you're praying for exactly what we need.

It was great to hear from Aunt Debbi/kurts mom, who graciously reads my blog even though I can't grow a garden to save my life. She said "Only idea I have for the pukes is figure out what time of day you've got it and avoid anything that smells during that time." Good idea, but that would be all day .... :) "And drink water, lots of water." That is very good advice, the baby has already been ordering in lots of water. Two litres a day? Pah. I could pretty much do that by lunchtime!

As usual, everything tinsenpup said was precious - you know - words you want to hang on to and read often. She told me to"do whatever you need to to process this terrible blow." So I will. People, if tinsenpup says I may, then I will.

GreenJello suggested protein for the nausea (maybe I should try Mrs Tantrum's bacon?) and then said that when she moved, they didn't have packers and movers, she had to do it all herself. It gave me cold sweats.

Hairline Fracture has remodelled a house while pregnant, and that would be a similar sort of upheaval, I think!

Thank you all so much. I really appreciate that you have been reading and following, and that you left lovely comments!


Hippomanic Jen said...

Boy-o-Boy (or Girl-O-Girl, depending on which way Thingamababy decides to go) I can see why you made that a whole separate post, but just think, you could REALLY have got your comment count up! ;)

Crazy Sister said...

I moved house when 6 months pregnant - not far, we didn't have much stuff, and I had help - but what I remember most was how off balance the baby made me! Twice I picked up boxes and overbalanced forwards.

I don't think that happens at 3 months, but hey, you can't be too careful.

Dee from Downunder said...

You have had some great comments, and advice there.

You know I moved at 2 months and 8 moths pregnant, so both ends of the scale experience - neither time was great, hence the feet up advice for many reasons.

Heather said...

Hmmm, do I confess now I tend to type Realtor merely because I'm too lazy to type "real estate agent" instead? :D

No. I will NOT confess.


I hadn't even pondered the possibility of thingamababIES.... woo-hoo, now that would be extra-exciting! Although, come on now, you might as well go for trips while you're at it. I mean, just two? Isn't that slacking a bit? Heck, let's make it quadruplets AND moving house. Now that would be impressive. Especially with all the crocs and dingos (dingoes?) running about as you have there. ;)

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Thingamababy already has quite a fan club from all around the world.
What a blessed baby.

Take care of yourself.


Jen said...

I love the fact that you are so loved. You deserve every bit of it.

Tracy P. said...

Ditto Jen!

Femina said...

I am (seriously) getting emotional because someone I've never met in real life is getting so much love and support from so many people, some of whom she's never met in real life either. I love that friendship and care is bigger than geography.

tinsenpup said...

I'm not sure how ready you are to be beaten over the head with 'the bright side' yet (just ignore me if this is annoying), but at least that whole nightmarish bed bug thing and the painfully inconvenient kitchen thing mean that you won't have a huge collection of useless clutter to move.

Louisa said...

Ditto Femina! It was lovely of you to post a post of comments and amazing how wonderfully supportive the bloggy community it! God Bless

Liya said...

I too had an experience of shifting the house in 5 months.Luckly everything went on fine inspite me carring few packages.Thank God.