07 August 2008

G8gle Searches

Shannon, who designed my new blog look, is crazy about the number eight. Her blog is called Eightcrazy. Her web design business is called Eightcrazy Designs. And she is totally Eight-Crazy.

Tomorrow, her calendar turns over to a date that is worth celebrating! 08-08-08. And all this week she is posting lists of things in eights that have been important to her like eight people who have impacted her life, eight things she loves and eight of her favourite TV shows.

I'd like to add to her celebration of EIGHT by posting a list of the eight best Google searches that have landed here at Killing A Fly recently. Unfortunately, there are too many to squeeze into a list of just eight. When I break them into four categories, I have one list of eight, two lists of one-short-of-eight and one list of half-of-eight. That will have to do.

Here are the recent searches that have ended up here:

Searches about killing flies:
1. Killing a fly blog
2. Killing a fly with a blog
3. Killing a fly with a ukulele
4. Killing in the name of ukulele
5. Killing fly ukulele wrong mistake
6. Efficient fly killing
7. Large black fly dumb fly easily swatted

Searches about ukuleles:
1. Ukulele flea hop
2. Ukulele pinup girls
3. Oxford comma ukulele
4. Fly ukulele
5. Pregnant ukulele
6. Ukulele- wait for me
7. Sitting in my room ukulele

Searches vaguely similar to words in one of my posts:
1. When did do your pregnancy tests
2. Pillowcase blood spot insect
3. Kindy failer
4. Toot toot chugga chugga big red car sheet music
5. Singular of jatz
6. Singular of weet bix
7. Jelly pool birthday cakes
8. Australian onion dip

Searches in the category of 'Just. Plain. Weird.'
1. Do nachos fly
2. Why mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears craft activity
3. Spider bites
4. Do regular flies suck your blood

I'd love to know what sort of sites they were hoping to end up at.


Jen said...

that is awesome. How do you do that?

Mrs. Tantrum said...

WOW!! I wonder how a ukulele gets pregnant? Also how drunk must one be to actually SEARCH for nachos flying? I mean most of us would just toss them across the room and if their wings did not flap, we would have our answer!

Darcie said...

Isn't it fun to "spy" on random strangers and see what strange things people are interested in?

Whiney Momma said...

OMG, I love the pregnant ukulele and jelly pool birthday cakes...what are your writing about here dear?

Whiney Momma said...

By the way, since I am so enjoying your blog, I have passed on a little award to you.

Tracy P. said...

Why mosquitoes buzz...is a children's book. They'd be better off looking for a craft to go with Pooh, wouldn't they?

Givinya De Elba said...

I never knew about that book! Alright, I understand a little more about that search now.

Givinya De Elba said...

But there isn't a book called, "Do regular flies suck your blood," is there? Thought not.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Everyone is coming from everywhere just to get on your blog. Spectacular!

Heather said...

I love seeing what google searches brought people to my blog. Some of the search criteria are hilarious, some are just plain creepy. (This is what happens when the words boob, fart, embarrassing moments, naked and public all appear in different blog posts, I suppose.....)

Anyone who winds up here, whether intentionally or on a wild google goose chase, is the luckier and better for it. I *heart* your blog!