04 August 2008

And More Rules

Oooh, Oooh, I've thought of a few more!

DO NOT empty a container of dog food onto the path and drench the scene with water.

And above all, as you have repeatedly been reminded since you were one year old,

DO NOT eat dog food.

Not even if "she wasn't hungry and she was happy for me to eat it."


Becky said...

Oh dear... this is DEFINATLY a 21st story!! LOL

Jen said...

I am sorry but YUCK!. The things that kids will put into their mouths.

Tracy P. said...

Oh, no! Yucky yucky. I've been catching up from bottom posts to top. Especially sad that my recommendation to have another piece of cake isn't a more satisfying thought. Extra frosting might make up the difference?

Elizabeth Channel said...

Boy--you could do a whole series with this kind of thing:

I love it when tiny frogs are lost in the house, and yes, bring those baby roaches you found inside to lure the frog out!

There's no need to shower--just wipe your mud-encrusted knees on the one clean rug I own!

Absolutely, you can swing on that poison ivy vine---why don't you give your baby sister a boost so she can swing, too?

Such fun!