28 August 2011

The post I never got around to writing

(...and it's too late now.)

Oh!  My gentle readers!  I have been SO sick!  It was like ElbaPlague2009, but Mr de Elba and the children didn't get (quite) as sick as they did then, I got much worse, and the whole thing has dragged on much longer.  At least Buzz Lightyear didn't get vomited into.

All week, I was composing a blog post in my mind, mainly apologising for missing Swift Jan's splendid Birthday Party last Saturday.  But alas, I spent the whole week groaning or sleeping and the blog post never came to be.

I remember I planned to get someone to take a photo of me sleeping, while wearing my giant Cat-In-The-Hat hat.

I also planned to write something in anapaestic tetrameter about the sorry state of everyone's health.

I was going to mention the medicine shelf in my fridge.

And I was going to say something about this:

Something like
"Come and behold our dosing devices:
All sorts of shapes and various sizes!"

And yet, it never happened.  The upshot:
• Sick
• Sleeping
• Many medicines
• Various dosing devices.

Hope that will suffice.


Cath said...

You'll love this post! (and this blog:


Glad you're on the mend :) We are making a flying visit to your town next week but I sadly will not have time to visit the deElbas. We will not even have time for the blood relatives! Wear that stripey hat -- I may just spot you - Where's Wally style - and wave furiously!

Andi said...

You know,I only have to hear or think about stomach viruses and I begin to feel queezy.

Hospital vomit/diarrhea? Not fun, but no problem.

Virus runs/vomit? Gag me.

So, thank you for ruining my Sunday after church dinner...

Oh, wait! I'm a nurse! I'm suddenly thinking of nachos.

Hairline Fracture said...

Glad you are feeling well enough to post!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Good to see you back. Hope you keep better this week than last.

Crazy Sister said...

Andi's cracking me up!

Your poor family. But it made for some good gossip for me, when I was grilled by Mr Babineau about the state of health of every member in my extended family (as he always does!)

"My sister and her whole family have the PLAGUE!" I got to announce.

It was much better than replying, "Good... good... yes, she's good... he's good... they're all good, thanks."

Givinya De Elba said...

Good on you. We need to be bringing back the word plague, I think. It's especially good in the context of a bad cold that chews up each member of a family and spits them out.

Caitlin said...

Poor de Elba household. Glad you are on the mend.

Swift Jan said...

So glad to hear you are starting to mend...
I did miss you at my party and I think that your Dr Seuss hat would have been the best top hat of the day...
Never mind.....