07 August 2011

Anapaestic Tetrameter

Flying in the face of my new resolution never to write another blog post apologising for not having blogged enough, I just wanted to tell you that I've got a few projects on at the moment, all from different categories of Things-To-Do, and it's taking all my brain space. 

For example,

  • I have several reports to write at work, and having got to the blind-panic stage, I am setting aside all my child-free hours to go into work and sit there to do them, rather than trying to force myself to do them at home (laughing in own face at the thought)
  • I have to do my BAS which I was putting off until I worked out what to do with the fact that I have accidentally claimed for the same expense twice in the same quarter, and it needs to be fixed
  • I have six baskets of laundry to fold.  Unfolded laundry, I am certain, contributes to a large percentage of emotional difficulties among women my age.  We should all get together and do a study.
  • I am presenting a segment at our church's women's conference next weekend, and I have decided (because it's SO much easier this way) that instead of me waffling on aimlessly, I should present the segment in anapaestic tetrameter.  This means it should be a little like Dr Seuss.  I am buried in a strange but satisfying world of 'feet' and syllables and words that don't fit and words that don't rhyme.  Trying to weave the best words together into the best pattern is so artistically gratifying.
I'm not really getting around to these important (and increasingly urgent) jobs simply because of CKMT, as I'm sure you'll all understand. I still think often how great it would be to have those t-shirts made up, but I won't put it onto the end of the above list of things to do or I may go mad.


CraftyMummy said...

Maybe instead of getting together and doing a survey, we could get together and do all the folding. We could make it like a progressive dinner where we start at one house and fold & chat, then move on to the next house and fold & chat, and so on. Then we also get to survey who has the cutest knickers and which kids don't empty their pockets ;o)

Crazy Sister said...

Amen. I, also, have put my CKMT schedule to write in verse.

The topic of my poetry was Poo, though, so I can't really be said to have taken a break.

B said...

I was gonna say what Crafty Mummy said! Two great minds .....

The Accidental Housewife said...

My best mates toddler told her today "mummy, washing basket? Look like muffin!" In other words, overflowing. Lol. I get around this problem by having many washing baskets. Six at last count. None overflowing, because I don't own enough clothes to physically make that happen. But rest assured, if I did, they would be....

Also, stupid tax. Whatever. That is all :)