12 August 2011

The Hateful Ladder

Jessie sat eating breakfast and between bites of egg-on-toast she casually mentioned, 'That ladder outside?  It hates me.'

I was absently buttering something for someone but managed to say, 'Mmm?'

She swallowed, took another bite of toast and explained, 'It whacked me.  It whacked me in the eye.'

'Oh no,' I replied.  'That doesn't sound good.'

She swallowed again.  'It whacked me in the eye when I was climbing up it.'

'Really?  How mean of it,' I said.

Then she nonchalantly remarked, 'See?  It hates me,' and went on eating.


Givinya De Elba said...

She told me it was the two-step, two-foot stepladder that helps them get up on the trampoline. We don't leave six foot ladders leaning up against the house for them to explore, don't worry.

Tracy P. said...

You are a great mom! Perfect response. Love this. :-)

Caitlin said...

I hate vindictive ladders. There really are the worst kind of ladders you can own.

Crazy Sister said...

Her point of view is hilarious! Poor little thing.