31 July 2011

More Jessie (and Buzz)

Both Jessie and Buzz: 

  • say "binoclears" for binoculars.  I like this because it sort-of has the word "clear" in it, appropriate for something that helps you see distant objects clearly.
  • say "amblyance" for ambulance.  When Buzz was little, I had neglected to teach him how to call for emergency services for fear of abuse of the system by my small child.  He came home from kindy proclaiming that he knew how to do it.  When I questioned him he said, "I do.  I dial zero-zero-zero and say 'Plice, fire or amblyance.'"  This simultaneously filled me with confidence, and stripped me of it.
  • say "compyanno" for "piano."  I think young Buzz mixed "computer" and "piano" up when he was little and has never got out of the habit.  He has now taught Jessie and they both say it.  Mr de Elba and I sometimes do too, now.
  • although he says "compyanno," he says "imputer" for computer.  He thinks we're all wrong to put the "com" on the front, and possibly also thinks we're wrong when we leave it off "compyanno."  He has on occasions had arguments with Jessie who has asserted it's "computer" only to be harshly corrected, "It's imputer!" followed by a fight.
  • One day recently, just on sunset, Buzz and Jessie asked to play in the playground near our shopping centre.  It was nearly dusk, the bitterly cold wind was whipping around us and they still wanted a little play.  I told them that it would be a very short play.  Buzz asked why, apparently unconvinced by the reasons of darkness and coldness.  I told him that our last play was a long one, and this was going to be a short one.  He smiled happily and said, "OH, that means our next one will be a long play.  It's an A-B pattern."  Thanks school.  (A-B pattern = A-B-A-B, as in short play - long play - short play - long play.  An erroneous assumption.)
  • says "acksully-dently" for accidentally, as in the sentence, "I acksully-dently bit Dyofeff on the stomach."  That is some claim.
  • Jessie:  Are rats allergic to water?
    Me: Um no, nothing on earth is allergic to water.
    Jessie: How about mice?
    Me: Yeesh.


Emily Sue said...

What about ALIEN mice? They're not from earth, after all.

And how's young Woody? I checked his blog but there were no recent charming Woody-isms on there. :)

I've been trying to get you on chat to say hi, but Chat suddenly won't load on my pile-of-sh*t laptop. Except when it does. And it's not an A-B pattern; it's completely random. Aarrrgh!

Andi said...

My girls always said "mazagine" for magazine. Also, they both "choose out" their favorite things instead of "pick out" or "choose."

Yes, they both still say that one, and they are now 9 & 11.

Caitlin said...

Nice to know children of a speech pathologist still have errors. Since you came and spoke at J Boy's kindy, we've been onto him! (Much to his chagrin some of the time, when he cries in exasperation, "Just let me talk, I'm trying to say something." My favourite correction he's made is that he now says, "Choc -llllllll- ate." It's hilarious. Unfortunately he only gets the l sound right 50% of the time in the word Look which he will then pronounce as "llleeeck". You win some you lose some.

Selena said...

So cute!

Crazy Sister said...

Love these stories!

I went to school with a kid who was allergic to water and could never get in the pool. Well, technically, it was chlorine he was allergic to.

Givinya De Elba said...

But it makes for a good story.

Tracy P. said...

I might have to try "acksully-dently" on my next public blunder to distract people from the real issue.

tinsenpup said...

I love those mispronunciations. I was slightly aggrieved when Ni finally began pronouncing "ama-ool" (animal) and "flowler" correctly. Ah, so much cuteness. Every time the little one says "dootle" for turtle, I want to hug her or pinch her cheeks or something.