21 July 2011


On Saturday, I injured my neck.  As soon as I did it, I knew I was in for days of pain and stiffness, and I was right.  I guess that if you are going to be sporty and lead an active lifestyle, you have to expect injuries from time to time.

I did my neck while doing a Sudoku.  True story.  I was sitting perfectly still and something cramped, tightened and then knotted and here I am not exercising at all, using the excuse that I'm 'nursing an injury.'

It reminds me of when my sister did her ankle at netball.  She wasn't all that sporty, in fact I seem to remember that she wasn't even playing netball, she was sitting beside the courts watching.  She sprained her ankle losing her footing going down the steps and ended up on crutches.

People asked her afterwards how she hurt her ankle.  "Netball," she answered.

Good answer.


flask said...

yeah. once i blew a knee in a band rehearsal. the orthopedist asked what i play.

"clarinet", i said.

"no, what position? this is a soccer injury, right?"

"no, i did it playing clarinet"

a YEAR on crutches.

and yet when i was run over on my bike, all i got was a pressure blister. i'm lying on te pavement looking up at the front axle of a dodge durango and all i have is a small bruise the size of a quarter.

go figger.

Tracy P. said...

Netball...so much neater than sudoku. Lucky her!

Hairline Fracture said...

This sounds like something I'd do. I'm not athletic in the least.

Hope your neck feels better soon.

Emily Sue said...

My two major back injuries came from picking up a pen and picking up a twig off the ground. Clearly, I should not pick things up. Ever.

CraftyMummy said...

That's it. No more sudoku for me. Don't want an injury! :o)

But really hope you get better quickly

Hippomanic Jen said...

I hope it loosens up soon. But I love CS's quick answer.

Heather said...

Like Emily Sue above, my husband has injured his back doing extremely macho and strenuous activities like picking up a napkin that blew off of a picnic table and bending over to tie his shoes..............

I'm much more fortunate (?!?) that my one real, "wound up on crutches after surgery and needing several months of PT" type injury stemmed from actual athletics - I tore my Achilles tendon playing tennis. I was actually playing at the time; I stepped back to smash a ball that had gone lobbing over my head, came down on a crack in the court and turned my ankle as I fell.

Impressive, no? And yes, I've been known to cite my "tennis injury" to this day, even though it happened over 25 years ago. :-D I mean, it's much better than the way I typically injure myself, which is due to utter clumsiness and not at all feats of athletic prowess. You know, things like "walking across the room" or "rolling over in bed" or "sitting on the couch" type activities.

Hope your neck is better soon!!

Crazy Sister said...

It's better than that! I missed a step in the toilets at the net ball field.

Swift Jan said...

That's some serious sudoko playing!
I hope it gets better quickly xo

tinsenpup said...

I went to high school with a girl who broke her wrist playing netball (or so the story went). As someone was walking her to the office for medical attention, she was knocked off a walkway and broke the other wrist. Last I heard of her, she'd had a terrible car accident the day she got her p-plates. If I thought it was any safer I'd have recommended she stay home and play sudoku.

(Egad, don't misspell sudoku on an iPhone. It just tried to autocorrect to a word starting 'sodo' that would have changed the whole vibe of that comment.)