23 February 2011

Two New Widgets!

It's almost as exciting as new underpants!

If you look over there on the left, just below the blurb about me which none of you need to read as you have formed your own conclusions, and yet you still keep coming back ... << over there << ... you will find a little widget that you can click on to Google Chat with me.  If you want.  And if I'm online.  And if I can work the thing, once one of you decides to take the plunge and chat with me.

And over there on the right below The Killing A Fly Story which is most certainly very dull and is rarely read suggesting I should probably put all my Post Labels into something more usable instead of burying them in the text ... >> over there >> ... you will find a widget that is helpfully showcasing three random posts from the past.  I wanted to put that there because I have been reading some of my old stuff, and some of it is mildly interesting.  You might find it mildly interesting too.

It will be a real Forrest Gump Box Of Chocolates in that widget though.  I estimate that only a fifth of the links will be entertaining, but every now and then, you should find a gem.

Like this post about when baby Jessie was too quiet.  There are some darling photos of her little baby legs.

There is this post, where Buzz demonstrates a lack of manners, instead relying on an innovative method of getting what he wants.

Or this post about stupid injuries, which I was reminded of recently when I did myself the very same kitchen-scissors injury for the umpteenth time, wondering how I could be so stupid.  Again.

I only wish the widget was so discerning.


Andi said...

I'm so impressed with your big girl bloggerness. Someday, if I'm not in a hurry to just throw my thoughts up all over a post, I will need to do that too!

And, my dear, I find you interesting at least four out of five times! You are a very GOOD box of chocolates!

Joy said...

Always fun to get something new on the blog. I'll have to check in with you and see if we can get a chat going one of these days. How can we tell if you are online or not.
♥ Joy

Tracy P. said...

You are Extremely Fancy. Well, no more fancy than my recent box of chocolates. However, they were a rare occasion.

My husband once told me I was impressive, in a nerdy way. I think you may be nerdier....uh, I mean more impressive yet!

Crazy Sister said...

You did the kitchen scissor thing again? More than twice?

Well heck.