04 February 2011

Predictive text fail

Sorry for all you who came here to read something side-splittingly hilarious about predictive text fails. I find that predictive text fails are much less funny than autocorrect fails.

They just cheese me off.  I guess that if you have a phone with predictive text, you are cheesed off my the same autocorrects that I am: "good" instead of "home," "of" instead of "me," and "he" instead of "if".

And it seems to me that predictive text despises people's names more than other types of words.  "Joey" becomes "Knew", "Nat" is "Oct" and "Anna" comes out as "Bomb."  I am always "Late," my Mum is "Nun", and some of my poor friends are known to my phone as "Lodge" and "Spiraglla" while others are not known to my phone's tiny intellect at all.

I really feel for my friend Brooke though.  My phone would disagree, but I believe that the name "Arnold" doesn't suit her one little bit.

Epic Fail.

What's that, phone?  Huh?  Who is Eric and why does he fail?

I've got one more of these.  I'm loving them.


And check this out from Parents Shouldn't Text.


Hippomanic Jen said...

Lots of Love to you, too!

Givinya De Elba said...

AH! I get it!

Crazy Sister said...

Good one! And those clips are so funny!

Mamma has spoken said...

One of the best things about having young men in your house: they tell you what all that text speech means.

tinsenpup said...

I had to stop reading DYAC after you posted it, because my uncontrollable laughter kept waking the baby and driving the 9 year old mad, because most of them were too adult to share.

Hairline Fracture said...

I just recently have a phone with predictive text (thank goodness not autocorrect, which would drive me crazy)and I mostly just ignore it because it never predicts the word I want until the last letter or so, when I can just type it myself! I'll have to see if it does anything funny. I doubt it, though!

About your comment on my last post (because I can't find your email address): I didn't realize you didn't know I'm in Texas. I definitely have the accent, as I was forcibly reminded when a student videoed a class (so he wouldn't have to take notes). When he played a little of it back, I blushed furiously. I sound so COUNTRY and I have always been a city (or at least a suburban) girl. Although I must say I don't know what accent you would be imagining, since very few actors seem to get Southern accents right unless they are actually from the South. I probably don't have an accurate idea of an accent from your part of Australia, either.