05 February 2011

Spot The Differences

Left: Buzz on his first day of Prep last year.  Right:  Buzz on his first day of Year One this year.

Can you find 10 differences in the pictures above?

1. The shorts on a prep boy cover his knees.  Over the next 12 months, they cease to do that.
2.  In Prep, a boys shirt comes quite low on his torso, but markedly less so by the next year.
3. A Prep boy's shirt is clean, and a Year 1 boy's shirt is rarely so.
4.  Ditto socks.
5.  A Prep boy wears the regulation school hat.  By year 1, the floppiness of the brim has frustrated him so much that he's graduated to a generic hat with a stiffer brim.
6. In Prep, he wears his first pair of school shoes.  In Year 1, he wears his third.  Or fourth.  Or something.
7. The garden behind a boy has grows considerably between the first day of Prep and the first day of Year 1.
8. The mother of a prep boy actually took The First Day Of Prep photos on the second or third day of school, but by Year 1, she's organised enough to photograph many children, have all the lunches ready and bags packed on the actual first day.
9. And she is much more smug for it.
10.  On the first day of Prep, a boy is lovely and little to cuddle.  On the first day of Year One, there is much more of him - he is longer and leaner, and gives tighter cuddles before racing off to "do his thing."


veiledturnip said...

The grass is green too!

Emily Sue said...

Differences between school photos when I was young and photos of kids today:

1. School uniforms actually look comfortable.
2. School uniforms are made for playing in.
3. Children are allowed to wear joggers to school, instead of shiny, stiff black shoes in which you cannot move your toes.
4. Children are encouraged to wear hats, instead of getting sunstroke halfway through a game of tag.

Hippomanic Jen said...

you are entitled to be smug.

But you're making me feel old - how much has he grown in 12 months!

tinsenpup said...

I love the shorts covering his knees...So cute. And I can't believe it's been a whole year! I think I spent the whole of 2010 in a vague happy baby dream.

Tracy P. said...

He also appears to me to have a far more confident smile. Very cool comparison shot. Wow, the plants seem to have enjoyed the rain!

The evolution of the snuggles is a funny thing. Ben just sits on me now, which is rather awkward, but affectionate as ever.

Mamma has spoken said...

Ah the difference a year makes. I was wondering about the hat but thanks to one of the comments I understand the wearing of it now. No, they don't wear hats here, nor do our public school students wear uniforms.

Hairline Fracture said...

Great post! It's so fun to compare between years. One of the advantages of a uniform, too. Mr. Blue's shorts from last year will definitely be too short when summer comes!

Crazy Sister said...

I think his extra inches are all in his legs. And check out that rose!