14 August 2012

Rhyming Like A Boss

Remember how I presented some silly rhyming stuff at our church's women's conference last year?  It started here and parts two and three were linked at the end of the post.  Well this year, the lovely people at the Seasons Conference let me come back to present the same segment.

I asked Crazy Sister to come and present the segment with me because she is the the funniest person I know (remember "I'm going to the toilet and I'll bring back a stool"?  Yeah. Funny.)

Our theme for this year's conference was "United" and focussed on the relationships that we have in our lives.  For this, Crazy Sister and I wrote poetry about some of the relationships special to us and presented some of the less-ghastly stuff on the day.  Our first segment was focussed on Limericks, and I wrote this one about my struggles writing clever comments on the statuses of my friends.


Of friends, I'd a decent amount
But a large percent of the count
Were all on Facebook
So I took a quick look
And unwittingly got an account.

My list of friends is quite small
But they're lovely and write on my Wall.
And now I find I'm
Good at wasting my time
While saying quite nothing at all.

The trickiest thing now, I find,
Is to write something witty and kind
On everyone's status.
But so they don't hate us,
I click "Like" and hope they don't mind.

"My five year old got a new bike!"
"New joggers! A sale on Nike!"
"Bought a cow on eBay!"
I've nothing to say
So I just hit the button marked "Like."

"We're packing! We're going away!"
"Having lunch at a lovely cafe!"
My Facebook dominion,
Holds no firm opinion,
And so hitting "Like" wins the day.

"I've just been to see a great show!"
"A pic of my kids in the snow!"
I can't tell a lie,
I have no reply
And so clicking "Like" is the go.

"This pub sells the very best beer!"
"My husband is Dad Of The Year!"
This one thing is true:
I'm happy for you!
So I think hitting Like's the idea.

So you've written a status that's splendid,
But a comment I still haven't rendered.
In case you're afraid
That our friendship's low-grade,
Not at all! (... unless you're Unfriended.)

Crazy Sister presented her brilliant pieces "Last Night" and "The Grown-Up Limerick" which I'd persuade her to post over at "Graze" only she's already done it!  Find them at the links above.  Soon, I'll snatch a few moments to share my Sonnet with you.


The Accidental Housewife said...


gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Wow! -what a Super Heroine. Four children, one a small baby and she still has the energy, not to mention mental capacity to write a rhyme I wish I had written. VERY Facebook and I 'Like' it enormously. Is wee Timothy Flynn thriving and feeding well?

Crazy Sister said...

Ha ha, yeah, we rocked that joint. Expecially with our sonnets.

And our HATS. You see, readers, we wore ridiculous hats to match our poetry.

Sue Ellen said...

Poetry is enhanced by hats.

I hope you appreciated that I 'liked' that poem over on Facebook. And then unfriended you. (Just kidding!)

Givinya De Elba said...

Thankyou for liking it! And not unfriending me! I am sorry to my friends who cop my drivel twice now - Facebook and blog. I'm surprised I have any friends at all!