29 August 2012

Let there be light

In an interesting twist on Father's Day, a seven year old boy buys HIMSELF a gift from the school Father's Day stall.

 But he's gorgeous.

On the way to school today, Buzz asked if he could have a "really powerful torch (flashlight)."  A few realities about this situation:
  1. He doesn't need one.  Nobody needs one.  Everyone in our family except Little Rex and me seem to want ("need!") a torch, but those who stumble about at night don't reach for a torch before doing so.  We have occasional nocturnal visitors to our bed seeking asylum from nightmares and wet beds by cuddling up beside us and kicking us in the back all night long, so we are well-placed to certify that none of these visitors ever presents him/herself with a torch shining the way to our bedroom.  Pity, as the way is sometimes littered with matchbox cars.
  2. Our home is already filled with torches.  Mr de Elba has a "really powerful" one that he doesn't ever use, the children have acquired a vast array of those cheap ones that you can buy at the counter of pretty much any store, and cheap torches have been the usual purchases at the annual school Father's Day Stall.  Buzz never really learns that Mr de Elba isn't going to actually USE the cheap torches Buzz buys for him, and the torches break quite soon after purchase anyway but always manage to find their way to where I can't find them before I can throw them out.
Now that I'm clued up to the torch problem at our house, I will send Buzz and Jessie with less money to future Father's Day Stalls, and I'll give them a stern talk before they go directing them to buy something other than a torch.  I may need a threat to go with that, but I haven't sorted that bit out yet.

Today was again the annual Father's Day Stall.  I hadn't thought of the importance of this morning's chat when sending Buzz and Jessie off, all cashed up to buy something nice for Daddy.

As it turns out, Jessie bought Daddy ... A TORCH!  Oh how happy he will be.

Buzz, seeing that Jessie had bought Daddy a torch, decided to buy ... A TORCH!!!  And since Daddy already had one coming to him, the torch should rightfully go to Buzz himself.

I have no idea what The Perfect Parent would do about this.


Givinya De Elba said...

When I said "Nobody needs one," I meant nobody in our family. You may need and have and use a "really powerful" torch! My guys, not-so-much.

Sue Ellen said...

You're right, they don't need a torch. They need a 16 colour LED remote control light.

Hippomanic Jen said...

That is actually quite amusing. Have you ever looked at the Father's Day stall at school. I'd just be checking that they do sell things other than torches?

Tracy P. said...

Pretty sure you're doing it. If it were Very Important, something would have changed by now. When kids get it in their head that Daddy loves such and such, nothing makes them happier than to give it to him. Some day it will dawn on them to give him what makes HIM happy rather than what makes THEM happy. Today is not that day.

What would really be great is if you found some of the old ones and got them over to the Father's Day stall ahead of time and let them sell your kids the ones you already have. At least then they wouldn't be taking up added space. :-)

gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Here's a thought. Perhaps they could be encouraged to MAKE something for Father's Day - at least it wouldn't be light emitting [or could it?]

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh I love you guys! You make me laugh out loud! Thanks for your lovely comments and suggestions - I plan to do them all! (I'll just be checking out Sue Ellen's link, no promises to follow through and buy!)

Crazy Sister said...

My solution is to volunteer at the blimmin' Fathers Day stall (and Mothers Day), stand right there behind the counter and flat-out ORDER my own kids not to buy certain junk. I give them multi-choice between the less ridiculous items.

wide eyed said...

My husband was purchased a torch today at the Father's day stall. He's gonna love it. Love it I say.

Selena said...

Love this!
I would line up all the torches in a row to show the little ones how many you already have.
In saying that, I let Miss 3 buy her first Father's Day gift and she chose...a torch! Ha! So funny!

Givinya De Elba said...

Crazy Sister - I can so totally see you snapping at Harpo and Peanut, "Don't touch that! You're not buying that! Pee-Oh-Ess rubbish cheap-ass torch." Another Mum volunteering on the stand: "Our family donated those for the stall." Nah, that sort of thing only ever happens to me!

Mrs Wide-Eyed and Selena, I can't believe that Dads everywhere are getting torches this Fathers Day. Partly because Dads everywhere got torches last year too. They're really gonna be able to see well in the dark.