25 August 2012

Clown Vomit

It turns out that sometimes when you tell three-year-olds stuff, they believe it. 

Explaining the first picture on the previous post and showing the real-life "clown vomit" created hilarity in Buzz and Jessie, but complete credulity in Woody.  Clown vomit has been a huge topic of conversation ever since. 

Woody seems convinced that the mess in the laundry tub was caused by a real clown, most possibly Clownie pictured below receiving TLC as he convalesces from a terrible case of gastro.  Look at the poor thing, with his hand to his forehead.

Add to that the complication of Woody having noticed at the car wash today that the machines squirted colourful stuff all over the car.  Now conversation is dominated by a giant clown vomiting on Terry.

Pity the poor Grandmother who has to wade through the clown vomit that is certain to dominate conversation at the next playdate.  Should I warn the Grandmas or let the confusion begin?


gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

More fun to hear how they deal with it I should think.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Oh, let it surprise 'em.

Cappy said...

Givinya De Elba said...

Cappy left this comment and it's worth following the link! In my ham-fistedness I accidentally deleted Cappy's comment while stabbing wildly with one finger at the iPad while cuddling Timothy in the other arm - sorry Cappy!

Read this blog yesterday and stumbled across this today... LOL!