30 August 2012


It's good to see Buzz is still filling the house with drawing and writing, even though his spelling isn't always spot-on.

I mean, ideally he wouldn't have left the "o" out of "count" in last week's homework.

But which of us hasn't left the "r" out of "shirts" in an email to the boss about corporate uniforms, or left the "l" out of "public awareness" or "public access" in a job application?

Glass houses and stones, and all that.  

It looks a bit school-ish. It's just a way of trying not to forget to do homework quite as often. 
We only put their names on the desks because there were fights over who sat where.


Sue Ellen said...

And then there's the one about signing an email 'regards' and discovering (too late) that the 'g' and 't' keys are awfully close together...

I love the desk setup! I would have adored a workspace like that as a kid.

Tracy P. said...

Ah, spelling, schmelling. Totally overrated, even if it's a bit of a land mine! I was so overtaken by the beauty of the workspace that I almost missed the hilarity! Bethany has been asking for a desk in her room, but she needs to work in a place where help is available. Now you've got me thinking!

Hippomanic Jen said...

OH YEAH! Proof reading is an awfully great skill. HOpe the teacher got a laugh at the error.

I once wrote in a report "...the proposed farm-stay cabin is located so as to be buggered from the rural activities next door..." buffered. Buffered. BUFFERED!!! If I'd meant what I wrote I would have used "by" rather than "from", of course.

Givinya De Elba said...

Sue Ellen, LOVE the "Regards" one! I haven't done that one myself, but you know my abilities at doing typos!

Jen, I nearly woke Timothy up laughing at yours! Did you discover the mistake before you submitted the report. I was terribly relieved to find my "pubic awareness" mistake in the final proof-reading before putting the thing in the envelope.

Tracy thanks for liking our space. Such organisation is borne of horrible disorganisation - now we've got a place for all our pens and papers and stationery-type things, the house is tidier (and we're a bit better at completing homework) but it wasn't always like that. I bought a few old desks from school and put some little shelves in a corner and now we've got a (usually very untidy) spot for everything to go.

Givinya De Elba said...

Woo. I just noticed Tracey how good it would have been to meter off the child in those pics, or at least some lightening in PS3 after the fact. Even Picasa.

gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Love it! I hope it wont be too long before Buzz starts a blog of his own. Nothing I can think of could top the aforementioned.

Crazy Sister said...

Those are fantastic examples.

I saw a small kid put an 'i' into the word 'pens' for no particular reason.

Givinya De Elba said...

Just remembered Plass' example of Stenneth Flushpool "studying Titus" with the interesting omission of the "U".