08 November 2010

Things that are painful with a burned belly button

1. holding children
2. driving
3. washing
4. folding
5. showering
6. wearing shirts
7. kitchen work
8. sitting at desk
9. rolling over in the night
10. bending over to pick things up.

The list above describes a usual day for me.  Sigh.


Crazy Sister said...

Need any aloe vera? I've always had a pot of that stuff growing, cause I'm a burner, too.

Aloe and Glad Wrap your torso. Course, it will still hurt. Got to be getting better by now, though, right?

Givinya De Elba said...

I could answer that, but I'd need to lean forward to reach the keyboard, and my tummy would press against the desk.

Heather said...

I was about to suggest aloe vera too. I think I'd put some gauze over the wound before saran wrapping it though.

Bonus: saran wrapping one's midsection is one of those weight loss tips used by models and pageant contestants. Please don't ask me how I know this, and no, I've never tried it. (Yet.)

Hoping it heals up quickly for you!

Ooooh PS - word veri is "Orked" which really does sort of fit, as in "You really orked up your stomach with that tea kettle...."

Andi said...

Yes, the story is terribly true. In fact, as I'm shameless, I shared it on my blog. Here is the link, so you can enjoy it in it's full dramatic horror and hilarity: http://andi-rambling.blogspot.com/2008/11/okay-ill-tell-you-my-secret.html

Now. My nurses hat is on for your burn. I used antibiotic cream. I fear nothing killed the pain until it was healed. Maybe try that aloe vera cream they sell with the lidocaine in it. It's called Solarcaine in the States. But, sadly, I suffered much misery before it healed. This was in 1997, and pants were not low slung like they are now...

Feel better soon!

Oh, and I still have the scar. Yes. A scar. In my belly button...

le@thirdontheright said...

how about just lying flat and giving your day over to Mr G to manage ... hugs le

Hairline Fracture said...

Oh dear. I hope it feels better soon.

John Ross said...

Dang! That does sound rather horrible. Sorry to hear that happened & will add you to the lengthening list of fubb-duck friends and penpals for the prayer/good vibes thang.

Swift Jan said...

Mend soon :(

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Okay, so take some FULL FAT sour cream or milk or what have you, and put a couple drops of TEA TREE OIL in it. (Or just put a couple drops of tea tree on the q-tip and swish it on the burn before bed.) It should be 100% better by morning. Also lavender essential oil will work. But I bet TEA TREE is easier and cheaper in your neck of the woods. I love that stuff. The full fat sour cream or milk will soothe the burn. Aloe, is okay, but doesn't work long term as well.