24 November 2010

Grandpa Bob's Treasure Map

Buzz: Hey Mum, look at this picture. Did Dad draw it?

Me: What is it? (Sees that it is a complex geometrical problem:)

Me: Oh, that would be Grandpa Bob. Definitely not Daddy.

Buzz: I've traced over all the lines.

Me: Good on you.

Buzz: It's a treasure map. Why did Grandpa Bob draw a treasure map? Where is it? What is in the treasure? How does Grandpa Bob know about the treasure?  Was he the one who buried it?

Me: Wha? What do you mean, it's a treasure map? How do you know?

Buzz: Because there's an "X" there.
Me: Ah.


Crazy Sister said...

Oh my, I'm rolling around laughing at the image of our mathematical Dad trotting around burying treasure and drawing maps.

Buzz - I love your imagination!

Givinya De Elba said...

I did explain that X was not treasure - it was a number. You had to follow all the clues to find out what number X was. He seemed underwhelmed by that.

Swift Jan said...

Just caught up on all your latest posts. Rather than comment on all of them I will just do a general one here (dont get online much lately)

Wow Buzz is clever!! I can see why it looks like a treasure map!

I too had an epic fail last week and had to resort to maccas. Only I ruined the quiche! How does one ruin quiche?

Back flip. I want to go too!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I love it! I know what the treasure at "x" is. It is your Buzz. Definitely.

Caitlin said...

Clever kid!