29 November 2010

Signs that your life might be ever-so-slightly sucky

My Mum came over briefly today and greeted me with what was a very insightful question.

"So - have you done anything exciting today?" she asked in a voice dripping with thrilled anticipation.  "... Any washing?"

I realised that Mum was absolutely right.  Like a sister-in-arms, she was standing with me in this life that has come down to this: either I have no excitement in my life, or I do washing.

The saddest part of it was that today, I didn't even get around to doing any washing.


Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

my Dad always asks "What did you achieve today?" - no pressure!

Tracy P. said...

She obviously didn't read your last post! Hello! ;-)

Givinya De Elba said...

Ah, the worm farm is old news. Just getting around to blogging it! I need now frontiers to forge, new adventures to have, new washing to do. Please understand I'm not trashing what Mum said - I thought it was so very very sadly TRUE! And it did give me a huge laugh. (At myself.)

MUM said...

I'm coming to your house to wash, hang, fold, and iron. No, I'll come and take you to a coffee shop - someone else will do the washing.

Givinya De Elba said...

YAY! I love my Mummy!

Crazy Sister said...

Maybe we could swap houses one day, and do each others' washing?

They say a change is as good as a holiday.