23 November 2010

Epic Fail

I knew that I was going to cut a corner with tonight's meal.  The only question was which corner was I going to cut?  Was it going to be the family favourite Bacon Pumpkin and Pesto Pasta, or was it going to be the rare-but-inevitable-during-a-week-like-this McDonalds?

I had all the ingredients for BP&P pasta and decided that really, I should cook it.  It's probably slightly healthier, and besides, I'd already asked Buzz if he'd help me.  But although he's been cooking lots of our meals recently (with everything pre-chopped, the recipe meticulously explained and still given careful supervision,) today he said, "Nah, I'm too tired."  Way to go buddy.  Love to see a good work ethic in my kids.

When it came time to start cooking, I chopped the pumpkin and started roasting it.  My next step was to mow the lawn.  Apparently, I am prone to the odd domestic non-sequitur.

The pumpkin, inevitably, turned black.  Sigh.  McDonalds after all.

It was funny announcing this to the kids though.  Buzz, Jessie and Woody had spent a few hours in the back yard making "wombat stew" out of tank water, sand, grass, dirt, gravel and leaves (but thankfully no wombat,) and had graduated to play in the waterlogged sandpit.  They ended up filthy, so by the time the dinner decision was made, they were all showered, in their pyjamas and watching Shrek.  It was in this position that I found them to deliver the news about dinner.

I pressed pause.  "I thought Bacon Pumpkin Pesto Pasta would be good for dinner..."

Jessie's eyes lit up, and Buzz's head fell onto the couch and his eyes closed, signalling his unavailability to cook.

"... but I burned the pumpkin."

Jessie's expression fell, Buzz opened his eyes, curious.

"So I guess we'll have to go to McDonalds."


Mummy is a hero, but it's still a nutritional epic fail.


Givinya De Elba said...

And it didn't escape me that Buzz was too tired to cook BP&P Pasta (4 ingredients) but was able to whip up a ghoulish wombat stew without the wombat (still 6 ingredients.) Typical.

Tracy P. said...

So I guess it's wombat stew for dinner tomorrow?

If McDonalds were an epic fail, the children in my care would have been taken into custody many years ago.

Andi said...

What is BP&P pasta. I need this recipe double quick. It has all of the things I love, but I'd never dream to put together...

Jen said...

A surprise trip out to dinner is always AWESOME!

Crazy Sister said...

The last time this happened to me, I flopped on the couch, and said we could go to McDonalds as long as Harpo could drive the car for me since I was too tired.

He was happy to try it, but checked with me first: "How does it drive? Do I just push the "Go" brake?"

(I roused myself and drove.)

Givinya De Elba said...

Better than rousing yourself when the cops knock on the door.

Andi said...

Okay, I checked the link. I had actually already googled it, and found that exact site! How clever am I? Okay, not very since I didn't register the link the first day.

Now, I notice all things are in metric, and as a nurse, I'm pretty good with metric, but have never used it for cooking. Y'know, I like cups, pounds, ounces and inches...Oh well, I do know 2.5 centimeters is about an inch. I guess that's a starting place!

Joce said...

@ Andi... babe... or dude...? just google a converter mate! :P

& Mrs Elba... I just love your posts... you always make me smile, or be thankful... or dream... or just giggle... so Thank you!


Hippomanic Jen said...

Loved the fact that he can cook Wombat Stew, but not BP&P.

Love even more the fact that he can cook things in the kitchen normally! Well done, Buzz.

PS the word verification is an actual word. "graph" - would've been more appropriate for the next post, though.

Caitlin said...

Gotta love those moments when Mummy gets to be the hero! Especially when there's kickbacks for you!