19 March 2010

Givinya de Answers - Cooling Porridge

Time to resurrect a segment I used to call "Givinya de Answers."  I still call it that, in fact.  You ask me de Questions, and I get into the business of Givinya de Answers.

Jen1986 asked me:

"I love the porridge you give your family for breakfast.  My biggest problem with porridge is getting it cool enough to eat and doing it QUICKLY!!  My children always like to tuck in so quickly and they burn their mouths before I get a chance to cool each bowl of porridge individually.  I know this is a silly question, but do you have any tips on the best method to cool porridge (or any food) down quickly?"

Not a silly question, Jen1986, not at all!  We have a similar problem here.  I guess a more organised mother than I would suggest that the entire pot be cooled down before they come to the table and the porridge is ladled out.  But I'm not that hypothetical organised mother.

I have seen people put a bowl of food in a freezer for a few minutes to cool it down.  I find this a slow way of doing it.  I think it has something to do with a bowl of porridge having a high thermal entropy but I'm just not into the second law of thermodynamics enough to know if I'm right.  Or how to explain it.

My method was inspired by seeing my own food cool down too quickly when put on cold plates or spread out across the plate. 

I put the porridge in cool bowls and stir it continuously while blowing on it.

Makes me feel a little faint that early in the morning.  After cooling three children's bowls of porridge down this way, I slump on the table and close my eyes for a minute.

My children however have their own favourite was of cooling porridge quickly.  They put an ice-cube on their porridge and chase it around with their spoon until it's melted.  At least that give me time to feed the baby.

Hope that helps.

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Emily Sue said...

Dear Givinya de Answers,

My question is this:

If a fellow blogger from interstate were to contemplate visiting you, how could she know that you are not, in fact, a crazed internet loon who will kill her in her sleep? :D (For that matter... how do you know SHE'S not a crazed internet loon??)

veiledturnip said...

Love the ice-cube idea! You are one clever Mother!

Crazy Sister said...

I spread it up the sides of the cold bowl, too.

I'd love to answer Emily Sue's question: after a year of normal internet conversation, backed up with normal stories and normal pictures, you can be pretty sure you've made contact with a normal person. Loony people can't fake that much mundanity.

And as long as their name isn't "Crazy So-and-So", you're probably safe!

Hey, wait a minute...

Givinya De Elba said...

"Loony people can't fake that much mundanity."

Thankyou very much.

But no, I actually agree with you.

Emily Sue said...

Crazy So-andSo... you think our conversations are normal?? (Really I was just trying to think of a clever question... FAIL. So I wrote the first thing that came into my head.)

And YAY, new blog template!

Also, yes, I did in fact say an hour ago that I was turning off my computer and going to bed. Not sure what happened there.