30 March 2010

Phone conversation with my sister

This is a tandem post with THIS ONE.

(Phone rings)

Me: Hello?

Crazy Sister: Hi, it's your sister here.

Me:  That's a co-incidence, because it's yours here!

CS: What?  Is that you?

(She was on her mobile, I was on speakerphone.)

Me: Yes.  How may I be of assistance?

CS: I need some advice.  I'm standing outside the Bank ...

Me (thinking): Oh no, she's been arrested...

CS: ... The automatic teller machine ate my card the other day and I'm trying to get it back.  Now they've told me there are three cards on this account, but we only have two.

 Me:  That's weird.

CS:  Yes.  And the other problem is that we didn't know which cards to cancel, because we don't know which ones are the extra card and the lost card.  So she's sent me outside to call Yummy Hubby to work out which card he has, so we know which two to cancel.

Me: Okay, so ...?

CS:  Okay.  So.  Now I've just looked in my purse and I've actually found the card I thought I'd lost.  I've had it all along.

Me:  That is SO something that would happen to me.

CS (laughing):  So here's my dilemma.  Do I continue with this charade of having a missing card so I don't lose face, or do I just go back in there and admit it all?

Me:  Ooooh.  Tough one.  Um - what about you go back in and ask the teller, "Hypothetically speaking, if I just by pure chance found the extra card in my purse, should I tell you about it or just go through with this lost-card charade to save face?"

CS: I guess that's the other option.

Me: Are they nice in the bank?

CS: They are ... officious.

Me (assuming officious means "efficient" but finding out later that it doesn't): Hm.  Well.  I'm not sure if my advice is any good.

CS (laughing): No, it was good.  Thanks for your help!

Me: I was a HELP?  Seriously?

CS: Yes, I think I'll do it.

Me: Okay then!  Best of luck!  Bye!

CS: Bye!

Ten minutes later, a text from Crazy Sister came.

"Bank lady just laughed and said, "Oh Bless!  You must have been stressed!"


Tracy P. said...

Wow, that was some quick thinking! Next time I'm in a pinch, I'm calling you!

~Taz~ said...

haha!!! :) nice bank lady though!! :)

Emily Sue said...

I love this story... on both your blogs. :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

And yet again "Yes Minister" helps you out in a tough spot, "hypothetically speaking, Minister, ..."