04 February 2010


I have a long history of putting my credit cards through the wash when I have young children. 

When I have a too-young-to-walk-by-him/herself child, I really don't like taking my handbag wherever I go.  I hate the way that with a baby in one arm, the handbag falls off the shoulder of the other arm and clunks around, dangling from my elbow, potentially spilling contents everywhere.  And no way am I going into all the fuss and bother of a pram (which my babies just cry in) just to keep my handbag in, and only taking my handbag in the first place because I need to get my card out to pay for groceries.

Much easier to keep the card in my back right pocket and whip it out when it's needed.

Unfortunately, I am not in the habit of whipping it out when I get home, nor of whipping it out when I toss that pair of pants into the wash.

I have blogged about this before.  I have left my card in the wash countless times, and it has survived.  It even survived one trip through the dryer.  (My remote car key died in its second wash - obviously not a stayer.)

But whether it was the new post-bedbugs washing machine or the fact that my current card was cracked in two places already, in today's wash it met its Waterloo.  (Waterloo - ha!  Nearly a pun!  But not quite.)

They charge so much for replacements that I would certainly be going to a different institution if the card didn't expire in a month, and a new free one wasn't coming to me soon.


Hippomanic Jen said...

That is certainly impressive.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Excellent job! Do you think you'll remember to take it out now? (I probably still wouldn't!)

Mamma has spoken said...

You need a back pack purse ;o)

Swift Jan said...

Haha, If your're anything like me you would still forget after that... A bit of stealing Mr dE's card for a bit eh! hehe

Givinya De Elba said...

I'd most probably put Mr de E's card through the wash, and then I'd be in trouble.

I had a back purse, but I stopped using it because I was worried that someone would "pick my pocket" without me knowing.

Harder for them to fiddle around in my back pocket without me knowing!

Crazy Sister said...

I think taping that card next to your washing machine start dial (or button) would be a good way to ensure that you stop LAUNDERING your MONEY!

ha ha ha ha ha

But are you seriously going to go for a month without one?

The Working Mum said...

I do this all the time too!

I handed one of my workmates my brand spanking new one week old ID and he wanted to know why it was bent already. A good long hot wash will do that! Amazingly, when I washed it the second time it went straight again. Cool =)

I have washed the Jeep keys, they still work just fine, thankfully. I would have been in some serious hot water when Mr got home if they didn't.