17 February 2010

Sweet and sour for every course

Anna-Lucia had been busy in her little kitchen, and called me over to the Red Table.  She had the little red chairs pulled up around it and on one side, a tiny wooden table had been placed there to accommodate my larger-than-child-size posterior.  She thinks of everything.

Each place had been set with a bowl, a spoon and a cup and saucer.  She stood at her place wearing her tiny little white apron, miming serving out food into the bowls and pouring tea into the cups.

"This looks lovely," I said.  "What are we having for dinner?"

She was at a loss.  She had spent so much time preparing the place settings and cooking the 'dinner' that she'd forgotten to specify exactly what 'dinner' she had cooked.

"Spaghetti?  With chicken?"

"Yes," she said, a little relieved. "Sa-getti wiff kicken."

"Mmm, it's lovely," I replied after Grace had been said and we'd taken our first mouthfuls.  "It's really tasty.  What did you put in it to make it taste so nice?"

"Strawberries," she said.

"Oh, ha, wow.  No wonder it's so nice!  Anything else?  Mayonnaise?" I knew she liked mayonnaise.

"Yeah - strawberries and bay-maise."

"Well that's just lovely.  And this cup of tea - now that's different!  What's in that?"

"Grapes," she said.

"Mmm - nice.  I've never had grapes in my tea before.  Okay, now what's for dessert?"

Again, she was a little lost.  I knew she'd prepared it because the chocolate pudding tin was sitting on the table ready for serving.

"Did you make chocolate pudding?"

"Yeah, it's clock-late putting!" she cheered.

"Ooooh, that's is love-ly!" I encouraged, and took a bite.  "Now this is different too!  There's a new flavour in that.  What did you put in?"

"Punkyin," she answered, without missing a beat.


Emily Sue said...

How could you write "She stood at her place wearing her tiny little white apron, miming serving out food into the bowls and pouring tea into the cups" and not provide photos???

Givinya De Elba said...

Because I didn't take any! I was kicking myself the whole time I was writing the post!

It's in such a dark corner and the light is hopeless, so all may pics there don't turn out anyway. I am seriously considering bringing some lamps in so I can take some pictures tomorrow!

Thanks for loving my little girl so much that you wanted photos :)

Jen said...

I can just see you playing. I play the same way with Claire.

So cute.

Tracy P. said...

She is beautiful. Even without pictures. And quite the gourmet cook--she has excellent ingredient selections. What could be healthier, and with a nicer texture than punkyin? Thanks for the smile this morning!

GreenJello said...

Oh, how I miss those days! Enjoy them fully. :)

Swift Jan said...

Nawww how adorable!

Emily Sue said...

It's okay, I don't need photos. I'm meeting her (and you and the rest of the de Elbas AND all my Qld bloggy friends) some time this year. I'm getting excited about the idea now... definitely need to make it happen!

veiledturnip said...

So precious!

Hippomanic Jen said...

So cute - and I was privileged enough to be part of a similar incident last week, so I KNOW it's cute. (but I only got the choc-lat pudding without the punkyin, and no chicken spaghetti)

Crazy Sister said...

Now I'm feeling guilty. Today I lay on the couch watching Star Trek while my little girl played at the table by herself. Bad mummy. But I'm sick - I'll have a tea party with her soon!