18 February 2010

Writer's Workshop: the loudest aspect of increasing your family size

Mama's Losin' It
I'm jumping in with a Writer's Workshop post this week.  Finally I've got some inspiration! 
Prompt number 2: Relay an entertaining conversation ... you recently had with someone.

Two was a great number of children to have.  We loved the days with us and Nat and Anna-Lucia.  This does not mean that we wanted to stop at two children however; it turned out that loving those days made us yearn for Baby Number Three.

There's a bit to consider when you're adding to your brood.  We'd thought it through a lot and decided that Baby Number Three would certainly be very much loved and would change our dynamic in many good ways. 

Sure the idea of three children when I was just coping with two got me thinking about how I would manage.  But whenever anyone said to me, "Wow - three kids!  You're brave!" (because people DO say that!) I always replied with a big grin and a breezy, "Yeah, I'm gonna need a LOT of prayer!"

So I was tossing this idea around with my good friend, Hippomanic Jen.

"You see Jen, having three children will take us from 'just manageable' to 'crazy raucous loud'.  I can just imagine days when people see me with my three kids and think, 'Wow, what a riot.  I'm not sure I want to invite them over to our house anymore."

Jen replied, "Oh no, I think three would be a lovely number of children for you."  And then she went on to say some lovely things about my children which made me blush with pride.  They also made me hope she never pops in during arsenic hour when all three of them are crying and demanding my attention.

I told her about an idea I'd had.  "Sometimes I wonder if I should have a little supper with you and all my other good friends before we try for Number Three.  You know - discuss things, and then pray about it.  And when that's done, we'd feel really secure and peaceful and confident to go ahead and try for another baby."

"That's a lovely idea," she replied.  "Although, as we all left your house after the prayer evening, we'd know what you'd be doing ..." she continued with a wicked giggle.

I laughed and vaguely agreed, then I continued on my original train of thought without much warning to Jen.

"I mean, of course I know that we would be all loud and raucous, and as I said, nobody will want to have us over to dinner anymore... Jen?  What?  WHAT?"

I've rarely seen her so paralytic with laughter.


CynthiaK said...

Wow. Who knew Aussies were so...raucous and loud...you know, when {ahem} getting ready to add another member of the family {ahem}


GreenJello said...

LOL! Sometimes the unintentional jokes are the best ones of all!

And you don't know loud and raucous until there's at least 5-7 of them kiddos running around...

Swift Jan said...

hehehe loud and raucous indeed!

3 is busy isn't it! But 3 is wonderful too :D

Emily Sue said...

I'd comment, but it's hard to type when I'm laughing this hard...

Mama the Chef said...

HAHAHA! Very good! We just added two, and no plans on ever adding a number three!

Crazy Sister said...

When I was preggy for the second time, my toddler was acting up during dinner with a friend. The friend said, "Just think - soon you'll have that noise in stereo!" Another friend who has many children said, "We have that noise in Dolby 5.1."

The next day I miscarried, and the house was so quiet.

Hooray for third pregnancies, which heal the heart, but bring loud and raucous turmoil!

Tracy P. said...

HILARIOUS! Loud and raucous laughter over here. :-D

Anonymous said...

Because of the time difference(uk here)I usually read your blog just before I go to bed......it is so lovely to go to bed with a smile on my face and a good giggle!! Not to raucous of course. After all.....I'mm British!! Bet you had fun making the third one.....ooops, blush.