10 November 2008

Style or service?

I love the whiteboard in my new kitchen. It's usually very nicely laid out with magnets, notes, reminders and photos of my lovely little family. But as you probably expected, style went out the window and its purpose was changed to one of purely service, as Sonny and Smoochy amused themselves while I cooked dinner:

They had a great time. Then they went out the back and played hopscotch:

And then they came back inside and ate buckets of pumpkin soup:

There was a time when they were too little to amuse themselves like big kids, and making dinner was so terribly difficult (as it still is, in between the whiteboardin' and the hopscotchin'.)

But as I watched them play, I was reminded that they grow up quickly and the joys and hassles of one stage are quickly replaced by those of the next. Dear sweet little things.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL - did Smoochy get any IN her???

Jen said...

I love this post. The kids are so adorable. And pumpkin soup sounds so yummy. Hoe do you make it?

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I love it.
Those white boards can be fun, but be careful with those markers. The ink is hard to get out of clothes. Atleast I've had a hardtime.
They are sure cute!

Dee from Downunder said...

Love those pics. Stange, but the soup ones make me feel slightly ill... I must be coming down with something. I can't go back and look at them... weird.

But great moment captures!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

This is great...they are keeping each other occupied. And adorable, and probably a bit worrysome...what trouble will they get into next?

And that soup...Bacon WOULD NEVER eat it. Even if I put a POUND of bacon in it for him. Which is fine, that means more for me!!

Now where is the recipe?

GreenJello said...

They do grow up fast. Real fast. So fast that your head spins when you try to calculate how much time has passed, and they're standing almost as tall as you.


Swift Jan said...

Look at your smoochy! She is looking all grown up!!