24 November 2008

Some have it tough

Mr de Elba is off on a Schoolies week camp this week. Now brace yourself, because this is the BEST schoolies anyone will ever have, and I really pity those poor sad schoolies at the Gold Coast right now. Twelve years of schooling, and they get subjected to this.

Check this out.

Well, that's the website for next year's schoolies fun. But they don't have cool websites up for this year's events. So here's the deal. (Mr de Elba has never had time to take photos in the past, so I'll search for some to show you.)

Mr de Elba, along with other leaders and a heap of school-leavers are flying out of Brisbane today for Proserpine. From there they will spend some time at Airlie Beach,

in a resort in Long Island,
and sailing tall ships around the Whitsunday Islands.

The weather today as they fly out is wonderful - warm and dry and very sunny. The kids who go are usually pretty well-behaved, and there are not all that many hassles for the leaders.

It's hard not to be jealous.


Adelaine said...

So I'm guessing that Schoolies is the Australian equivalent to the US spring break?

So your hubby is associated with the Christian organization that offers alternative schoolies activites? That's neat!

Yeah, I'd be soooo jealous!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Sounds like so much fun. I wish I was going too. Hang on, I'd rather go without the teenagers. Do you think we could re-create the itinerary for a girls' retreat?

Givinya De Elba said...

Spring break! That's it! I knew I needed to explain that bit, but couldn't remember what it was called.

Oh Jen, that sounds wonderful! A once in a lifetime girls getaway! That sounds totally awesome!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I've always thought that Spring Break was a recurrent event for college students, not a once-off for finishing high school. (Although, from what I've heard about the activities it does sound remarkably similar - underage drinking, sex, loud parties - all at a beachfront location).

Can anyone confirm?

Paige said...

sounds like a great trip---very jealous here too.

But I actually have been to the Whitsundays!

Swift Jan said...

Soooo jealous here! Spectacular!

Dee from Downunder said...

Wow, thats my kind of schoolies!

Heather said...

Um, yeah, I think I'd be a bit jealous, too.

I loved your comment on the featured blogger today, quoting "Because He Lives". I cry every time I sing that verse, and you made me cry just thinking about it. Beautiful hymn.

Have a great day!

silverdot said...

oh, i'm jealous. it is freezing cold here in Washington DC. Schoolies is where I want to be.

Jen said...

yes it is sure hard not to be jealous.

Femina said...

Do you think we could re-create the itinerary for a girls' retreat?

Or for a girl bloggers' retreat??? :)

Givinya De Elba said...

That is sounding so good.