21 November 2008


I wrote something recently, and I got such a lovely bunch of funny comments on it, I thought I'd re-post it here.


This morning I noticed I have an ENORMOUS muffin-top spilling out over the waistband of my favourite 3/4 jeans.

It must have come from eating too many muffins.

Then as I turned around, I caught sight of my thighs.


I don't remember eating the dugong.

Dugong: from here.


stefanie said...

I really wish I could thank the person who coined the term 'muffin tops'. Every time I hear or read it, I laugh like it's the first time.

So, 'dugong thighs'? We have you to thank.

GreenJello said...

My daughter introduced me to the term "muffin top". It made me laugh. Now I don't laugh quite so much as I glare into the mirror...

Heather said...

If you must post pictures of me on your blog, I'd thank you very kindly to at least post those of me in my bathing suit. Just because I prefer to swim au naturel occasionally doesn't mean I want my pix shared with the blogosphere.


Oh, and I'm so far beyond "muffin top" it isn't funny. Sigh.

Jen said...

It is not you, it is the jeans. They shrunk. Those silly jeans, not funny!