22 November 2008

If you love something ...

Sometimes you hear the beginning of something that sounds like it could be a really important word or piece of advice for you in your current situation.

Today I had the feeling that I was about to hear something significant.

Sonny Ma-Jiminy and Smochy Girl were watching Veggie Tales and I overheard Larry say, "Remember: if you love something, let it go..."

And I had a recollection that those words are the beginning of a wise saying I heard once, about love, loss and something-or-other-quite-deep. I couldn't remember the end of the saying, so I hung off Larry's words as he completed the proverb. This is what he ended up saying:

"Remember, if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you ..."

I thought.

"...it's probably hungry."

No help at all, except for making me laugh.


Heather said...


So glad you guys have the Veggie Tales crew in your part of the world as well. I mean, it's the least we could do after Bananas in Pajamas...


I think my favorite VT song (besides the theme to LarryBoy) is The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps. Or maybe His Cheeseburger. Yep, those are my favorite three.

We even have a VT nativity set!

Noah's Mommy said...

I think that is the mosst prophetic thing I've heard in a long time....thanks...lol....

CynthiaK said...

Ah, good old Veggie Tales. Gotta love 'em.

I think my fave is Sport Utility Vehicle. The (cartoon) video that accompanies it is brilliant too.

Adelaine said...

We have the Veggie Tales nativity too!

Only Uno was into VT. We tried on Dos but he really doesn't like them much. We only have a few DVD's since the DVD players were just coming out when Uno was little. We do have a TON of VHS VT and no VHS player to play them on.

I think that I'll break out the Toy that Saved Christmas - thanks for the reminder!

Tracy P. said...

OK, I think I know the original...isn't it something like, "...it's yours forever. If not, it was never meant to be."

But that said, I totally think Larry is onto something. Listen to him.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

or needs it's nose wiped.

jennyonthespot said...

Oh yeah... that's funny... Larry said that, right? He's a funny guy.

CynthiaK said...

Oh, and sending some bloggy karma your way here with a wee award.



Mum-me said...

Veggie Tales has been a favourite around here since my youngest was 2 3 years old.

It must be presentation day for you, because I also have an award 'with attachments' for you at my blog if you'd like to play along.

Hippomanic Jen said...

The version of the saying I know is very boring: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was."

Love the Veggie Tales version! If I had kids I would have an excuse to buy DVDs and CDs. Then again, there is the downside...

Crazy Sister said...

Veggie Tales can make me laugh so hard. My favourite Silly Song at the moment is:

"If it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey,
Even if it's got a monkey kind of shape,
If it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey it's an ape"

Well, it's hilarious when Larry sings it.