30 December 2011

The Many Days of Christmas

Whew!  Christmas this year was a mammoth effort, with many different celebrations with different groups of people on different days.  The saving grace was that all the days were low-key and we didn't go overboard with presents, food or anything else.  It was just the absence of Nanna Naps each day that made me so exhausted.

The weather in our part of Australia has been much nicer than it was this time last year.  We've had some showers at night but the days have been warm and sunny, and the children have wanted nothing more than to be outside enjoying it.

Apart from that, there's not much to report.  Just trivia like:

  • Mr de Elba shaved the dog again.  She's remained tick-free since September, and she looks nice with her sleek Number One hairdo.
  • If you choose to move Christmas festivities to a park, you're likely to get your photo in the local paper.
  • If you stand lop-sided in the photo for the paper, you may end up looking like you're an A-cup on one side and a DD-cup on the other.  Most people wouldn't notice this though: it would serve you well not to mention it to anyone and you may just get away with it.
  • Kids are nice to have around.  The six-week Christmas holiday is really an endurance event, but it is nice to have the little guys around.
  • Soon they will all be fighting and I may retract that.
  • Afternoon naps for everyone are great ... until bedtime blows out and everyone is up late.
  • I keep thinking I should get on Facebook but I'm just not making the leap.  It does look like fun though.
  • My desk here would be a whole lot tidier if I didn't go to bed so early.
  • Waking up early doesn't translate into a clean desk.
  • I need to watch more TV so that I actually get the folding done.  I just hate watching TV, that's all.
  • Jessie may be the perfect nativity "Mary" in all the practices but end up crying and pouting through the performance due to a wardrobe malfunction involving her headpiece.
  • Your blogs are all interesting and wonderful, and I may not have anything interesting to blog ever again until things start going wrong or falling apart again.  Not that I'm complaining ...

Nice to chat with you again.  We should do this more often.


Andi said...

"Your blogs are all interesting and wonderful, and I may not have anything interesting to blog ever again until things start going wrong or falling apart again. Not that I'm complaining ..."


Glad your world is not falling apart...Although the dog may thing her world is falling apart. Our dogs always seemed to act that way after getting shaved.

Mamma has spoken said...

Six weeks off for Christmas? Wow and to think parents complain here that Christmas break is two weeks!
Oh and I would LOVE to see that picture that was in the paper ;o)

Hairline Fracture said...

Very cool about Christmas in the park! I'm sure no one but you noticed...um, how you were standing.

And I completely agree about the kids fighting, naps, and bedtime.

Swift Jan said...

You are doing well to avoid Facebook.... I tried to give it up but a few of my long distance friends kicked up a stink. So I culled a massive amount of people the I either don't really interact with anyway or I keep in touch with by other means. Like blogs or real life LOL... Now instead of spending 2 hours trawling through status updates it takes me 10 mins tops. It's heaps better!

Happy Christmas dear De Elba friends xo

Hippomanic Jen said...

Lots of stuff. Glad you had a good Christmas.

And next year they'll cast a slightly older Mary for the nativity?

Givinya De Elba said...

Older? More compliant! Less likely to sook over a headdress slipping off!

But boy! The middle of a performance is a crushing time to second-guess your casting decisions.

John Ross Barnes said...

Wow! You actually learn stuff from your whirlwind of holiday activities. I pretty much just tell myself I'll never again...um, I forgot what - but rest assured...Ah who am I kidding?

Happy New Year!