01 May 2011

The most outrageous thing I have ever done.

I have a little girl who LOVES dresses, makeup, jewellery and nail polish.  She is aghast when I tell her stories of how I spent my childhood.  For example, when I was about four, my childhood boyfriend Steven (with whom I didn't enjoy my first kiss, as explained in my About Me page) and I got muddy.

We got my little blue bike with the trainer wheels and placed it on my driveway, a trainer wheel each side of our ditch-like car track with the back wheel able to spin freely in the gravel like an exercise bike.
We filled up the ditch with water and got it all nice and muddy, took it in turns to sit on the little blue bike, and pedalled for our lives.  A huge fountain of mud was kicked up, and splattered all down our backs.  It was awesome.
Jessie was horrified at this story, correctly surmising that Steven and I got a bit dirty.  She isn't keen on getting dirty, the little princess.  I don't know where she gets it from, I really don't.
She isn't really happy unless she has nail polish on.  She won't let me do her nails though, and always insists on doing it herself.  Note to self: research nail polishes with low toxicity.
She has asked me why I don't wear dangly earrings often, why I don't use makeup, and why I don't paint my nails.  I had no real reason for these terrible lapses, and so I resolved to paint my nails.  I couldn't settle on a colour.  My skin tone sometimes looks a little brownish and dirty with delicate pinks or almonds, and I've never tried a bright red or anything dark.  So I decided to do the most outrageous thing I've ever done in my entire life (although my father would argue that my having a third baby should take that title,) and settled on my favourite colour in the whole world:

It doesn't match my new handbag in the background, but today I wore a bright blue top to match.  I felt splendid, and totally outrageous.  I loved it.


Emily Sue said...

I was that child - I hated having dirty hands and would never have played in the mud. I was horrified when asked to participate in finger-painting in kindy (prep). I have never painted my toenails blue though - go you!

veiledturnip said...

Cute pics! Such good fine motor skills too! I know when I was little I had some nail polish that washed off in water - not sure if you can still get it. It was orange!

Givinya De Elba said...

That sounds pretty ideal - if the more natural polishes have a shorter lifespan, that's quite okay!

Swift Jan said...

Avon has that wash off nail polish! I think it's called "little blossom" maybe? My mum bought me that when I was little.
Can I just say, your blue toe nails look fabulous. I love getting my toe nails done! I always choose bright crazy colours :)

CraftyMummy said...

You've inspired me. I have a wedding this weekend and I'm thinking that shade of blue would just about match my dress. Do I dare though?

B said...

Do it Crafty Mummy! You can do it!

And Mrs De Elba - I agree, you did look splendid yesterday - all bright and bouncy! Loved the blue cardi with the purple cami - very artsy & cool. I love that you dressed to match your toenails! Tee hee.

Mrs Cool

Tracy P. said...

You should be outrageous more often!!

Hippomanic Jen said...

You are never outrageous - your toes just looked cool! You are officially a "yummy mummy".

Cath said...

My 5 year old discovered nail polish for the first time last week and I was dragged in too. But it HAD to be sparkly pink.

Orange next. I dare you.

Hairline Fracture said...

Great color! Having my toes in a pretty color makes me happy too.

Dawn said...

definitely blue! Love it. I tried navy a while back and all my teacher cronies wondered why I was going goth--clearly they couldn't see the difference between 'midnight' and black!

The Accidental Housewife said...

I'm a huge fan of crazy toes! I used to tuck blue or red or sparkly ones into my work boots. It was my awesome secret ;) well, a secret until we had a pool session for PT, anyway! Whoops!

I also remember getting sparkly polish one Christmas, and I snuck under the kitchen table and painted grandpa's toes. We didn't have any polish remover in the house, he left them like that for weeks lol.