11 May 2011


"Are we lost?" Buzz asked from the back seat of the car.

"What?" I asked.  "I'm driving between Daddy's work and our home.  I am not lost.  I wouldn't get lost!"

"Then how do you know the way?" he wondered.

"Um - Mothers' School, again.  They taught us how to find our way around, and how to remember certain trips.  It's been really helpful to me in terms of -um- in terms of not getting lost.  Mothers' School was great."


"Uhhh... is Mothers' School actually ... real?" he asked in disbelief.

Sprung, ten years before I was expecting to be.


Andi said...

When we first moved to San Antonio, TX I missed my exit or street or whatever A LOT...My girls got to where every time they felt the car make a uturn, they said "Mommy, are you lost again?"

They still say that. But I'm not always lost! I swear!

Swift Jan said...

LOL Busted!!! Can you send buzz around here to tell my kids that santa and the easter bunny aren't real? I am too scared!! LOl

Jodie said...

ROFL. Some times all good things must come to an end. But I really wish the fairy tails would not. Especially the practical ones.

Emily Sue said...

Maybe you could enlist his assistance in continuing to fool the other two...