05 May 2011

Clown Hair

I have enjoyed hearing from you about any struggles you have that are similar to mine, and would love to talk more about all that stuff.  But today, I don't have my thoughts together on that.  Instead I'd like to talk about my hair.

Do you ever wake up in the morning with absolutely perfect hair?  Strangely, I did today.  I washed my hair last night and not quite dried it perfectly before I went to bed.  I slept on it, expecting it to be hideous when I woke up.

But when I did wake up, I found that the natural wave had sorted itself out into a perfect style.  Without any product or effort, it hung in wonderful twirls, looking splendid.  Even my kids noticed and complimented me on my "nice hair" (although they also use that term for when I have my hair up in rollers.)

I was elated and I stepped into the day with extra confidence, knowing I looked so stylish.  With this new poise, I got ready to walk the children to school because the weather was so lovely.  We all got our shoes, hats and everything else we needed.

Then I was brought back to earth.  As I walked along with the warm sun at my back, I noticed my shadow on the ground.  Unfortunately, what I saw was not a silhouette of awesome hair.  Instead, I saw a shape that was completely unexpected.  It was all because of my baseball cap.

Do you know how some CLOWNS have a huge bald dome-shaped head fringed by grizzled thatch?  That was the silhouette I saw.

Great.  I thought I looked awesome, but instead I was stuck in public with clown hair.


Swift Jan said...

HAHAHAHAHA Loving the visuals I am having right now!! I never ever ever put a hat on when I am having a good hair day! LOL I always wear a hat on bad hair days LOL

Emily Sue said...

Haha - I live with clown hair all the time and that is EXACTLY why I never wear hats! :D

Michelle said...

HILARIOUS... and really I laugh 'with you' not 'at you' because this happens to me more than I want to admit. Mine is really quite flat on top and curly underneath so clown hair comes naturally. At least I'm not the only one.

Crazy Sister said...

Luckily it was only Clown Silhouette Hair. You probably looked great up close.

CynthiaK said...

As Crazy Sister said, it was only Clown Silhouette Hair! All was good! LOL!

Maybe next time you should choose a much larger hat to balance everything out. Then it could just be big head all around. Nothing wrong with a big head, right?


Seriously, I'm sure you looked fabulous.